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Great Walleye Fishing
A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
by North Spirit Lake Lodge (Added on 2011-11-14)

A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
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Holly proudly holding up her deer! What could be more delicious than a deer steak for supper? One of the many reasons to hunt in the Patricia Region...
Join in the fantastic opportunity for some great family fun on a fishing trip to Lost Island Lodge.
A hunter holding his nice buck! Just look at that rack.
A patch of lilly pads, which could be hiding a trophy smallmouth bass or muskie.
Photo taken of a small set of waterfalls, that flow near Wabaskang Lake.
Enjoying shore lunch after a great morning fishing.  Looks tasty!
Interesting ice formation on one of the Patricia Regions many pine trees.
A happy fisherman shows off his 41.5 inch Northern Pike.
Photograph fantastic flowers like these on your outdoor adventure in Canada's Heartland.  Lady's Slippers (Cypripedium acaule) are a perennial orchid that bloom in June and are a common site in Northwestern Ontario forests.
Picturesque sun set found on Wabaskang Lake.
A common site in the area lakes are water lillies. This one added some colour to the lake when we were out fishing.
Just a couple of the fabulous outfits seen at the annual Eagle River Pow Wow that takes place in August.  Enjoy dancing, singing and traditional foods and crafts.