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Great Walleye Fishing
A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
by North Spirit Lake Lodge (Added on 2011-11-14)

A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
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A nice pike caught at Eagle Lake Sportsmens Lodge!
The colourful sunset predicts another nice day for fishing  on Wabigoon Lake.
Two of the young participants at the Annual Pow Wow in Eagle River proudly show off their jingle dresses.
These pretty flowers are called
Loon getting ready to hop in the water.
A nice 15 point buck caught in the Patricia Region! Trophy bucks are abundant in Canada's Heartland. Will you be the next lucky hunter?
Check out the bite marks on this big Northern Pike.  Wouldn't you like the chance to catch the huge one that was after this big fish?
It was a beautiful day to be out canoeing in the Sioux Lookout area.  The first stop was a visit to the beaver lodge.
Bull moose heading back into the deep forest.
Sun setting in Spring
Otter giving himself a good scratch
Some boats on the water