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Great Walleye Fishing
A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
by North Spirit Lake Lodge (Added on 2011-11-14)

A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
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Mature owl perched on an old pine tree
The plane's landed at Spine Lake and the gear's all here.  Time to hit the lake for some fishing.
These pretty flowers are called
Beautiful sunrise on Dixie Lake, deep within the Patricia region
What a great catch!  This is a photo of the 27
A moose eating some vegetation
A solitary wolf on the prowl for his next meal
A young moose calf was spotted on Highway 105 just outside of Red Lake
What a great adventure and successful day of whitetail deer hunting in the Patricia Region.  The hunter is all smiles =)
Even a little bit of rain can't take away from this pleasing view of Wabaskang Lake. Can't you see yourself taking in this scenery in person next summer ?
A perfect ending to a great day on Cedar Bay in Sioux Lookout.
The sky is predicting another one tomorrow!
A common site in the area lakes are water lillies. This one added some colour to the lake when we were out fishing.