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Great Walleye Fishing
A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
by North Spirit Lake Lodge (Added on 2011-11-14)

A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
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A patch of lilly pads, which could be hiding a trophy smallmouth bass or muskie.
When archery hunting season for bear opens in Northwestern Ontario, make sure you're part of the opportunity to tag a big one.
Join us at Route Lake Lodge for your chance!
A moose eating some plants
Picture taken of a young black bear crossing the highway.
A nice buck! Shot by one of our visiting hunters.
All of the boats docked and lined up
A spectacular view from the outpost cabin.  The solitude and peacefulness are definite relaxants.
A solitary anlger enjoying his Canadian fishing vacation,  tries his luck at catching a trophy fish in one of the fast moving rivers.
Our summers are so great, it's like being in the tropics.
A great Walleye caught on Wabigoon by Bill Altenburg. Nice Catch!
look at the fun they are having. Just one of the many activities you can enjoy on the 1,000's of lakes in our Region.
That's a huge Northern Pike.  I'm sure he'll have quite the story to tell back at the cabin at Lost Island Lodge.