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Great Walleye Fishing
A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
by North Spirit Lake Lodge (Added on 2011-11-14)

A nice catch courtesy of North Spirit Lake Lodge.
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The plane has landed at Spine Lake.  What a great way to start your fishing adventure in Canada's great outdoors.  Care to join us?
A painted turtle warms himself on a log.  Looks like he's enjoying a beautiful day in Canada's great outdoors.
We snuck up to this loon on her nest.  She was definitely on her guard.
The baby ducks out for a swim!
A moose eating some vegetation
After a flight in, it's time to unpack, get settled and hit the lake for some fantastic fishing.  Bet the guys can't wait to start reeling in some trophies.
Big bald Eagle swooping in for a landing after spotting some freshly killed prey.
I'm just waiting for you to join me on a canoe trip in the great outdoors of Northwest Ontario.  Any takers?
Bring the whole family for a fun and memorable fishing vacation at Lost Island Lodge.
A canoe group packing up to hit the water again.
A happy fisherman shows off his 41.5 inch Northern Pike.
A solitary wolf on the prowl for his next meal