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Gary Rognrud wrote
I have been flying with Rusty Myers going on thirty years and have fished a good share of the lakes serviced by Rusty Myers. I feel very fortunate to have hade the chance years ago to do my first fly-in fishing trip with Rusty Myers. Over the years working with Angie,Darlyss, Mike and the rest of the staff at Rusty Myers from booking trips to all of the lakes that they have their outpost camps. The service level from the time you arrive at the base in Fort Frances to the thrill of the beautiful flight to any of the outpost camps and the professional pilots like Mike and the other pilots based in Fort Frances. The pilots and Johnnies crew from Savant deserve much credit for the great job they do flying in needed supplies and the service level they provide. A special thanks to Angie and the crew from Savant this past July when we experienced a medical situation while fishing at Wabakimi. All of the camps are set up to accommodate fishermen or families with plenty of room and this year the addition of some furniture and the picnic tables put in the entry room in Wabakimi, a real extra touch of class! One of the real special things for me is when you bring a person to Rusty Myers for the first time and see their reaction to how nice the camps are and the great fishing experience that they have while being at a Rusty Myers Outpost Camp. They return with the same feeling that I had on my first and every trip. WHEN CAN WE GO BACK?

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