Northwest Ontario
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Ear Falls, Ontario

Population: 1316

Main Lakes in the Area: Lac Seul, English River Chain, Pakwash Lake.

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EAR FALLS - a place to live, work and play. Known as the
"Bald Eagle Capital of North America"
Ear Falls offers a pleasant, peaceful community lifestyle.

In the beginning of the 17th century the French explorers arrived in Northwestern Ontario and the fur trade began. The Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company were rivals during this time. The two companies united in 1821 and trading posts were set up in the Ear Falls area because of its access to Lac Seul. The use of railways in the 1880s caused the fur trade to decline and The Hudson's Bay Company began to focus their posts on supplies for residents. The discovery of gold in 1925 in Red Lake boosted Ear Falls population as settlers located in the area. Bush Planes were commonly used to open up the North, and Ear Falls became the jump off point to Red Lake, after the cost of owning & operating these planes became less expensive. A dam was constructed in 1928 to turn Lac Seul into a large reservoir which would help regulate the water in the Winnipeg River. Ontario Hydro recognized that in order to retain operators for the dam, they would need to supply schools, housing, stores and other buildings in the area. In 1937 a colony was constructed at Ear Falls, and in 1966 an iron plant that is now closed was developed in the area which also led to growth of the community. The construction of highway 105 introduced tourism to the area as many fishing and hunting lodges set up along the shorelines of the numerous lakes in the area.

A scenic drive north on Hwy. 105 will bring you to Ear Falls and one step deeper into the wilderness of Northwest Ontario. Ear Falls has a population of approximately 1316. The topography of the area is characteristic of the Canadian Shield. Fractures and faults in the bedrock have created many elongated lake systems joined by river reaches and drops forming cascading waterfalls. Four large river systems: the English , Chukuni, Cedar, and Wenesaga Rivers, each flowing through a chain of lakes, meet within close proximity of Ear Falls. The town itself is situated on the English River just west of the northern extremity of Lac Seul, the second largest lake in Ontario and has hundreds of kilometers of shoreline. These natural waterways have made Ear Falls a hub of activity since mankind first inhabited the area and remain a constant source of beauty and adventure.

Ear Falls is a blend of small town flavor with access to major business centers, and offers a pleasant, peaceful community lifestyle. In the summer many people enjoy picnics at the beautiful water front, star gazing, horseback riding, biking, ATVing, hiking, swimming and many more outdoor activities. For the avid golfer, why not visit the Ear Falls Municipal Golf Course and enjoy the stunning scenery ? There are also many park areas including The Scott Street Sportplex that has two baseball diamonds, The Lion's Park with a playground, The Calvin Fulford playground and Pakwash Provincial Park that offers a great beach and campsites. The lakeside location and rugged wilderness allows for world class fishing and hunting. There are four public boat launches to access the lakes, Dutchie's Landing, Wenesaga Landing, Goldpines Landing and Pakwash Provincial Park Landing. Ear Falls has numerous businesses including a liquor store, credit union, medical clinic and bait and tackle shops. In winter, enjoy snowmobiling and skiing on one of the many trails, or head out for some ice fishing. A wide range of resorts, from rustic to deluxe surround Ear Falls. The resorts offer cabin accommodations, as well as trailer and tent facilities. Ear Falls also holds the Annual Trout Music Forest Festival which features artists from a variety of genres. The intimate festival allows the experience and fun of a big music festival, with the comfort and closeness of a small crowd. Ear Falls is also known as the "Bald Eagle Capital of North America".

If you are looking for fresh air and lots of space filled almost wholly with clean water, trees, flowers and wildlife along with great fishing opportunities, friendly courteous service, and all the necessary conveniences nearby, it's right here in Ear Falls. Come and visit Ontario's friendly Northwest.

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