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Ignace, Ontario

Population: 1202
Main Lakes in the Area: Indian Lake, Agimac Lake, Sturgeon Lake, Savant Lake.

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Ignace is a small town located in Northwestern Ontario. The community got its name in 1879 when it was named after Ignace Mentour by Sir Sandford Fleming. Ignace Mentour was the key aboriginal guide through the region during Fleming's 1872 railway survey. The first white settler, Albert McGillie, also arrived in 1879. Mining was brought to the community by Capt. S.V. Halstead who established the Maple Leaf Gold Mining Company, and a gold rush brought many prospectors and settlers to the area in the 1890s. The CPR Railway was constructed in the early 1900's, and during the early days there was a settlement of railway boxcars used by the English residents there called "Little England". Ignace was incorporated in 1908, and was a little late to modern technology. It received its first rotary dial telephone in 1956. The community now has all the access one needs to the latest technology advances and the economy is mainly supported by tourism, forestry, and the railway.

Located in the heart of Northwestern Ontario on Hwy. 17, and not far from the junction with Hwy. 599, Ignace has a population of 1202 and offers a peaceful, beautiful environment that is a sightseer's fantasy. Whether you are looking for a remote wilderness experience, a place to settle, a location for a family vacation or just a terrific spot to spend the day and relax during your travels - the neighborly people of Ignace welcome you.

The community of Ignace offers several different recreation opportunities which include:fishing, hunting, swimming, golfing, bowling, tennis, soccer, nature walks, an arena for skating and hockey, soccer and baseball fields, a museum, a public library, boating, canoeing, sailing, water skiing, camping and ATVing. The local lakes offer a variety of activities for guests of all ages to enjoy. Ignace has two beaches, Agimak and West Beach. Each beach has its own pavilion. If you want to view some beautiful scenery, stop by Releigh Falls located on Highway 17 or Barrel Falls on Road 325. Fishing and hunting is a way of life here. Whether you choose to hunt for large moose, fish for the best-tasting walleye or pickerel, or just view the pristine wildlife - Ignace is the place for you. If you are looking for a more structured vacation plan, then there are numerous sport-fishing and hunting camps with skilled guides in the immediate area...everything from guided canoe tours to fly-in fishing camps.

If you want to take in the community festival,White Otter Days celebrations occur annually every July. Take a trip to White Otter Castle; it will be an Northwest Ontario experience that you will never forget. White Otter Castle was built by James McOuat, a local trapper, between 1903 and 1914. After he passed in 1918 the castle became a landmark and local attraction for Ear Falls. Spend some time at the adjacent Provincial Park which provides a beautiful clear lake, a long flat sandy beach and a wealth of plant and animal life. Another interesting sight are the puzzling Pictographs or Indian paintings, which date back to prehistoric times, and can be found throughout the Ignace area.

Ear Falls is supplied with an overwhelming amount of natural beauty and exhilarating sights. The rugged landscape along with the magnificent cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and lakes have made the area famous for its true picturesque splendor. "Escape to the North" and join us in Ignace.

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