Northwest Ontario
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Perrault Falls

Perrault Falls is a small gem of a berg located on Hwy 105 approximately 40 miles North of Vermilion Bay (Hwy 17) and approximately 20 miles south of Ear Falls. It is strategically located on a beautiful waterfalls between Wabaskang Lake on the West side of the Hwy and Perrault Lake on the East Side. It also has access to the English Woman River. Perrault Falls is a mecca for the sportsman looking for fantastic walleye, northern pike, small mouth bass, musky, and jumbo perch fishing. Hunting opportunities for moose, bear, deer, grouse and ducks are plentiful. There are a variety of tourist camps and resorts to choose from. You can access the camps by vehicle, boat, or plane. There are also two convenience stores and a restaurant where you can purchase everything from gasoline to beer to fishing licenses.