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Red Lake, Ontario

Population: 4620
Main Lakes in the Area: Red Lake, Trout Lake, Gull Rock Lake Chain, Pakwash Lake.

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The Norseman Capital of the World

Red Lake municipality is located in the beautiful Northwestern Ontario and has a rich history. The name "Red Lake" originates from an Ojibway legend. The legend goes that thousands of years ago two hunters found a large moose near a lake. They feared the moose, believing it to be the evil spirit Matchee Manitou. They tried to kill the large animal, but it ran wounded into the lake and dove deep down. The moose"s blood stained the water around it red. After this incident, the lake was called Colour of Blood Lake, which later turned into simply "Red Lake". Many years later, Europeans began coming to the area in search of fur to trade, and also minerals. Two brothers, Lorne and Ray Howey discovered gold under an upturned tree in the summer of 1925, and so began the last great gold rush of North America. The gold discovery resulted in over 3000 people moving to Red Lake in 1926 at the height of the gold rush. People used any means of transportation possible to get there, including dogsled and by foot in winter and canoes and boats in summer. Eventually airplanes became the main source of transportation. In 1936 the water base in Howey Bay, which is located in the heart of Red Lake; transported freight and passengers, and had planes of all sizes leaving and arriving at 15 minute intervals. It was the busiest airport in the world at the time. In 1995 Goldcorp, owners of the Red Lake mine, discovered it contains the world's richest grade gold ore. The mine is currently one of the richest mines in the world. Red Lake's industries include mining and tourism.

Red lake is an amalgamated municipality consisting of six smaller towns in the area, Red Lake, Balmertown, Cochenour, Madsen, McKenzie Island and Starratt Olsen. It is strategically located at the end of Highway 105 in the upper northwest corner of Ontario in Canada's Heartland, with a population approaching 5000.

Known as "the commercial hub of the district", Red Lake is a full service northern community that offers entertainment and services to suit every need. Services include hospital and medical facilities, dentists, pharmacy, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, liquor and beer outlets, service stations and major automobile dealerships, department stores, banks, marine dealers, building supply centers and numerous small businesses to cater to your every need. Red Lake is the gateway to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. This massive wilderness park spans over 450,000 hectares and features some of the best canoe and paddling routes around. It is also one of the best-kept ecotourism sites in the world. The Park is also home to the largest concentration of pictographs in the Canadian Shield. Red Lake has many activities to entertain all age groups. It offers Ontario's most Northerly 18 hole golf course, squash and swimming, all at attractive facilities. There are also many lakes, beaches and parks nearby for those that want some outdoor fun. In winter, activities such as cross country skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing are available. Whether you are spending time at a local drive-in camp or using Red Lake as a jumping-off point for fly-in lodges or outposts farther north, we have everything anglers and hunters need for a great vacation, including air connections. The abundance of lakes in the area provide excellent fishing opportunities to catch a trophy walleye, northern pike , trout, muskie, perch or whitefish. As moose habitat is plentiful, the Red Lake area offers moose hunters one of the highest success rates in Canada. There are also excellent opportunities for bear and small game hunting.

Thanks to it's rich history, there are many interesting landmarks and events unique to Red Lake. The museum located in the new Regional Heritage Centre has several First Nation and gold mining displays and outdoor exhibits. Why not take a tour of Placer Dome's Campbell Dome Mine in Balmertown or view the unique Erie Crull Rock & Mineral Collection at the Municipal Office which shows 2,600 specimans of rock and minerals from around the world. Each July, the community celebrates Norseman Days, as a part of the Norseman Floatplane Festival and boasts the largest gathering of airworthy Norseman aircraft in the world. The festival takes place on Howey Street and has a variety of activities to enjoy such as stage entertainment, children games, rides, contests and street vendors. In fact, this sturdy Canadian bush plane has come to symbolize Red Lake, giving it the title of "The Norseman Capital of the World". Visit Norseman Heritage Park and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Come join us!

On 1000's of wilderness and end of the road lakes.

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