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Upper Goose Lake

Located 65 air miles northeast of Red Lake. Upper Goose has been described as being similar in shape to a three nutted peanut. Water over 35 feet deep is limited to a few holes at some river bends, the center of the big part of the lake, and a very few other holes. For the most part, the cleaning crew of suckers, whitefish and ling all tend to hog the deep holes and specifically in the case of Upper Goose Lake, the limited amount of over 35 foot water forces the walleye and pike to stay in shallower. As the glacier left many thousands of years ago, a great amount of clay was left behind in this area and much of Upper Goose has a more or less flat clay bottom with a depth of 20 to 30 feet. This area then has many outcroppings of islands and reefs, not to mention the entire shoreline with many well-defined points. Not to be forgotten is the size of the lake and the river access. The lake is about 5 to 7 miles long (depending on how you measure it) and with multitudes of islands and bays along with about 8 miles of slow moving river, regardless of weather and wind conditions, you can always find a great spot to fish. The area is small enough that you have no risk of getting lost for long and yet is large enough to offer many options to find seclusion.

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