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How to Find Your Google Co-ordinates
When you check your listing on our website, please also check your location on the on-line google map. If your location is not correct, we need you to give us an exact location and here is how you do it:
1) Go to This will bring up a map of the UK but don't despair, just drag the map until you reach North America.
2) Center Northwestern Ontario on the screen and zoom in. We suggest using the "Map" selection( buttons on the top right of the map) until you locate your area and then switch to "Hybrid". This will give you a satellite image with some lake and town names.
3) Keep increasing the scale and centering on your location until you get the maximum resolution you can.
4) Point your cursor to your exact location on the image where you are located and click.
5) Now look under the title "Add Marker" on the left side of the screen and you will see your exact latitude and longitude co-ordinates.
6) Copy these long numbers and e-mail them to to relocate your marker to the correct spot on the map.

Every member gets one free icon at the location of their choice on the map for each separate ad they have placed on the printed map. If you wish to have an icon for all your locations (i.e. outposts), they are available for $25.00 per icon per year. To do so, contact me and arrange to have them added.
26 Nov 2010 by Ruth

Check Out Our New Website!
Our newly redesigned website is up and running. Please check it out as we think it is really great!

Although you may find some minor errors - don't worry. We're on top of it and double checking everything so it will be in tip top condition.

We are asking that you go on and check your listing for any errors. If you find anything, please let us know.

We've combined all the information found on and into one great new site.
26 Nov 2010 by Ruth

Add Your Testimonials
Some of you will have read in the December Newsletter that we were working on adding a section in your website listing that would allow for the Posting of Testimonials. The benefit of having your testimonials (and the content contained therein) posted on our websites, is that it will increase the quantity and quality of visitor traffic to our sites. Therefore, this should also increase the subsequent visitation to your own sites through the weblink.

We are pleased to advise that everything is now in working order. You can send us your testimonials for posting, or simply go to the Member Services section on our site and enter your testimonials in the same place as you would modify your website listing (you will see the testimonial field at the bottom of this section). You can add your
testimonials by manually inputting them, or simply cutting & pasting them into the designated field. Should you require assistance don't hesitate to e-mail Ruth (ruth at or give our office a call.

We know that most of you already have glowing testimonials on your own sites, but may be too busy to move them over to your PRTC website listing. Therefore, to take this exercise one step further - we're advising you now that unless we hear from you otherwise by February 05, we will begin the process of moving the testimonials from your own site onto our sites. We can't see how this would be an issue, because by having them posted on your site, they are already out there for the world to see. By having more content on our site and a link over to your site, we see this as a win - win situation for everyone. But as noted above, if you don't want us to post your testimonials on our
site, just let us know by February 05.
02 Feb 2010 by Ruth

Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Program - Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Protecting our waters from unwanted introductions of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) is a priority for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). A major route of introduction for AIS is by hitch-hiking on trailored watercraft.

Starting in the summer of 2007, DFO has initiated a monitoring program to help prevent the introduction of AIS into the Rainy River / Lake of the Woods region. Watercraft inspectors will inspect trailered watercraft for AIS: Zebra Mussels, Round Goby, Rusty Crayfish, Spiny Water Flea, and the aquatic nuisance plants; Eurasian Water-milfoil and Black Algae.

The watercraft inspectors are working in conjunction with the Canadian Border Services at the international borders in Fort Frances and Rainy River. They will also have a visible presence at local events and fishing tournaments.

DFO is asking that boaters stop for a quick AIS boat inspection and short survey. Help protect our lakes and rivers from unwanted introductions of Aquatic Invasive Species!

Here are websites that describe the devastation of invasive species on our aquatic environment:

Thanks you,

Laurie Wesson

Laurie Wesson
204-984-6340 | facsimile / topieur 204-984-2404
Central & Arctic Region | Rion du Centre et de lrctique
Fisheries and Oceans Canada | Phes et Ocns Canada
501 University Crescent Winnipeg, MB. R3T 2N6
Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
18 Jul 2007 by Ruth