Canadian Fly In Fishing

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ISU Cyclone wrote
Fishing is always "good" but the weather trumps everything. In the dark brown stained waters of the Bloodvain river system, a little sunlight can sure heat things up (in the early spring at least). When the weather was nice, the fishing was indescribable. I'm sure the old timers who have been up to CFF many times over the years know what I'm saying.

Ed Ramey wrote
Murdock was at a history high water level the week of July 5 - July 12. Walleye fishing was good but the fish were not schooled. Caught a lot of big Walleyes 24 inches up. Caught 3 over 26 inches. If there was a down side catching the eater fish was tuff. Plently of small and big but you had to work for the 17 to 18 inch fish. The water temp was from 61 to 70 and back down to 63. I think the mayfly hatch was just ending. Every fish I cleaned was loaded with mayflys. We let the wind dictate where we fished. The north narrows was by far the most productive. Also it seemed like the weed growth was a couple of weeks behind schedule. At night or evening Walleye alley was still a good choice. The northern bite was slow and we did not concentrate too hard on them. Biggest northern was 32 inches. However we did land three northerns that went after caught walleyes. (got them in the net.) All facilities and boats ran great and worked well.

TS wrote
Can't wait to get back to Canada this summer. After a ten year hiatus and several different outfitters we returned to CFF and Job Lake in 2009. The fishing was spectacular with walleyes of 29", 27", several 25", and too many to mention 22"+. Diane and Evelyn were great. No big mystery on how to catch the walleyes, we jigged with minnows, crawlers, and leeches and it didn't seem to make much difference. We did bring some preserved minnows last year and I wouldn't recommend them. If you don't want to use live, frozen are much better than the preserved ones. Still looking for that trophy pike on Job. Last year we just trolled with spoons with less than great results. Biggest Pike was 35".

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