Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake

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Dan R. wrote
The replica of the 54" we got last year just came in. I poured a Crown Royal to celebrate the great fish, good times, and to finish this chapter of my Musky fishing career! There will be many more chapters yet to write!!! I am more excited than ever, and have Musky Fever worse than ever!!! Thanks once again to all who helped me, taught me, fished with me, and "picked me up" along the way; y'all played a bigger part than you realize! August 28, 2008 would NOT have happened without each and every one of you! Thanks also to the great people of Canada for allowing us access to their waters. And finally, thanks to the Ontario MNR for their great Esox management and forward thinking (i.e. the 54" limit) on WORLD RECORD waters like Eagle Lake. As I hang this fish, I dedicate it to my late grandfather who used to fish with me all the time from when I was about 6 years old. He wasn't around to see this fish in person, but I know he was smiling down on us on August 28, 2008. He was there on my first Musky in 1988; he wouldn't even be able to comprehend a fish like this but would be proud. Good luck to those still lucky enough to be fishing for Muskies on Eagle Lake the remainder of the season. I hope you enjoy it, and realize/appreciate how special it is.

GA_hunter09 wrote
Hats off to Steve Herbeck and the AML staff. I made my first Muskie hunt during Oct 3-8 at AML coming up from Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. I had a great time thanks to the outstanding guides - Andy, Mike, Tony & Scott. During the first few days, had my shares of follows and missed 'em, but got the hang of it thanks to the direction and coaching from the guides. Landed four muskies all over 36" with one being 48"!! Also, got our share of Walleye and pulled in a couple of nice Pikes, one being a unique Silver Pike. Paul Lascik, who introduced me to this experience, landed a lifetime achievement with a huge 52" muskie while there. All my friends who have seen photos of Paul's and my fish are amazed. I believe we've got a group of four pulled together to head back up next fall. Can't close without a special thanks to the lodge staff. I've traveled extensively and haven't had that good a food and service in top class hotels. Great place and great people. Look forward to visiting again and suggest anyone else looking for a great fishing trip - call Steve and AML. Anyone else from down south, beware - it can get a little chilly in October, but still a helluva good time.

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