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Bob Auel wrote
I just returned from a five day stay at the Old Post with Jack Likens and his group. From the fantastic fishing to the execellent service and very clean cabins you have a top notch lodge wich is five star.Also I loved the history of the Old Post and reading about the lives and cluture of the Ojibwa people very interesting. Wow, what great fishing Jack and I caught around 100 walleyes each day and had doubles on many times, thats a fishermans paradise for walleyes. I didn't fish the big pike as Jack isn't a Pike fisherman but I know you have great pike fishing. I'm a full time guide on Leech Lake in Walker and I have fished The Red Lake area and Ear Falls and Guided for our Govenor's opener on Rainy Lake, I've fished in Canada for over thirity I would highly reccomend the Old Post for a trip. It's a big plus to be able to drive to Lake St. Joe and fish out of your own boat especially when Jack runs over thirty miles to fish each day.Your son's are very polite and work hard I enjoyed meeting them it reminded me of my two Son's and thought how fun it would of been if they came with. Maybe someday.Funny thing happened the last day of the trip your dog would visit us at the cabin and we would give her treats, she's a polite begger, but the last day when we came in by the beach she came running at me and jumping I thought she was going to bite me but I think she knew we were heading home and that was her way of saying goodbye so I pet her. I have two dogs also so she just knew I liked dogs. I got a good chuckle out of that. I'm on the Pro Staff for a fishing site I'll be posting a report in the open water forum for our members to read I hope it gets you some business Thank you for a great trip, take care

James K. Bartleman The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario wrote
It was such a pleasure to stay with you and your family at The Old Post and Village during my time visiting Lake St. Joseph. I appreciate you and your families hospitality during my recent visit. It was a wonderful trip and I thank you for extending such a warm welcome and for making our time together so enjoyable.

Rob Daciw wrote
When I saw the pictures that Mike Verhoef had fron the 2005 Old Post trip, I was sold. But no pictures can capture the natural beauty of Lake St. Joseph and the incredible fishing that this lake system has to offer. You can try fly fishing pike but until you get a 40" plus Northern chasing a home-tied fly - you havne't really experienced what pike fishing is all about. We got to sample all the types of weather conditions that Northern Ontario has to offer: hot sun, freezing cold rain, wind and storms and we fished them all. And regardless of the weather, we never left the lake disappointed. An average of 25 pike per day was the norm. The walleye fishing was just as fun and once we figured out the patteren-of-the-day, they proved just as productive as the Northerns. Clouser minnows and even stoneflies worked to reel them in. It actually proved a challenge to catch walleye small enough (with a lake limit under 18") to be able to keep for shore lunch, since it seemed only the bigger ones went after the patterns we had to offer. The Old Post epitomises what a fishing camp should be all about. The host and owner, John Grace, puts the customer first in all aspects. His staff are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The accommodations, the facilities, boats, guides and food are all first rate. What other fishing camps have meals provided by trained chefs (including the shore lunches!)? Mr. Grace has respectfully restored and maintained the historical buildings and surroundings at the site to add to the rustic charm. The trip was originally supposed to be a once in a lifetime experience, but now I'm planning to make it an annual event!

Vince Wendt Cross Plains, Wisconsin wrote
We had a fantastic time on our August 2008 trip. Lake St. Joseph is truly a unique fishery, a real gem. I have fished what many would consider some of the best waters in the Mid-Western United States and Northern Ontario, and absolutely nothing compares to the 90 mile long Walleye factory called Lake St. Joe. I have been fortunate enough to have fished here for over 10 years and have caught a good number of Northern Pike over 40" as well. Some of these fish I would guess to be well over 20 pounds. I realize that the awesome fishing is no news flash to you. My point is this; I have seen time and time again many great fisheries completely destroyed because of poor management. In most cases they never return to what they once were. I would like to commend you and everyone involved in the conservation practices that have been enacted to ensure that the high quality of this natural fishery will remain intact for years to come. Thanks to all at The Old Post and Village for your excellence in customer service, wonderful meals, well equipped accomodations, world class fishing, and mostly memories to last a lifetime. We look with anticipation to returning in late summer of 2009.

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