Uchi Lake Lodge

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Jim Behlmer wrote
Hi Judy, Actually I can't offer enough thanks to you for our Uchi Lake experience. You have managed the lake into one awesome fishery. You and your staff are attentive but not over bearing. The meals are excellent. One always takes a chance when finding a place on the Internet. Your web site claims were attractive but one never knows. Am I glad I took that chance. Our trip was unbelievable. You now have 4 more huge fans. My brothers and I will have something to talk about for a long time. I hope your summer season is safe and enjoyable.

P.J. wrote
The week of June 19th that we were at Uchi brought 4 totally different weather days. . Day 1 was raining and windy but the fishing was great. We caught a lot of walleye on twister tails and 1/4 jigs in 1 to 15′ of water. The next day was a bluebird day with the fishing being tougher , but we fished the shaded areas and were successful with the same tackle. Day 3 brought a mixture of weather. We got to use our rain suits and had our best day of fishing. We fished the wind blown shores and caught fish on every cast during a couple hours sessions. Again a lot of plastic and some small crank baits. That day I caught on the way to the shore lunch, in the span of 1/2 hour - -31 1/2″ walleye (muskie rod and crank bait 6′ down fishing for Northern), next cast a 27″ walleye, next cast a 36″ Northern and then a hit on the surface and then a multiple fish follow up. Fishing continued to be good and finished up that way the next day. All in all we had the best fishing of the my 3 trips I have made. Every trip the fishing has gotten better, so we are counting on big things again.

The Nicholson Party wrote
I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous time our group had on our moose hunt. I think all of our guys would agree that it truly was a hunt of a lifetime. We have been on a couple of other moose hunts in the last 8 years but nothing could compare with our experience at Uchi Lake. From our very first boat ride onto the lake we saw moose at seemingly every turn. Between our 5 hunters we estimate that we saw about 30 animals - bulls, cows and calves in the 3 1/2 days of actual hunting that we did. In the end we ended up filling 2 bull tags and 1 calf tag . We also missed opportunities at another bull and several calves. If we had had any cow tags we would have been filled out on the first or second day. The accomodations at the lodge were excellent and the meals and service were outstanding. And of course the guides (Norm, Joe and Dave) were terrific. We had had previous experience with Norm McCreight so we knew what to expect with him. His knowledge and experience as a moose guide is unbelievable, and his endless humorous stories keeps everyone entertained (ask him about training tigers sometime). Thanks for agreeing to have him come and guide for us. Our group hopes to book another hunt with you in 2 or 3 years. Hopefully we can get the same guides back again.

Dummermuth Party wrote
I'm sure you've had four pairs of dads and their young sons on trips before, but I wanted to drop you an email and let you know how much we all enjoyed our trip last week. As we were discussing around the campfire, one appealing item is that the boats are unguided. In our case, when the boys got restless we could run over to a rock and let them roam for awhile. Although they would tell you their favorite was when we would take them exploring. One day we went down to Uchi River at the southwest end of the lake. We were fortunate enough to see a moose and we had fun checking out the old trappers cabin. Another day we were just able to make it through the creek to Legg Lake. That was even more fun to explore. We can't wait to come back.

Ken & Steve, Park Ridge, IL wrote
Another great week at Uchi Lake. The two of us caught 552 Walleye, 23 Northern and 4 Perch in six days fishing. This included 12 Walleye over 20″ and 3-31″ Northerns. Judy and her staff were outstanding and really took care of us. We are counting the days till August ‘09 when Uchi will be our home again for a week.

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