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Moosehorn Lodge (4 Review/s)

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Recent Testimonial : We finally got the photos of my 17 year old grandson Colbys big pike on here. They are on the bottom two. 40 and 41 inches in length. The previous photos did not have the two northern pike included and I am pretty proud of my grandson who tried for 8 years to get a big fish and finally did it. Both inside of 30 minutes of our last day at NW Ontario, Canada . I caught a 28 inch walleye which is my largest walleye since fishing there also. Other fish shown are two nice lake trout, a medium size smallmouth bass, and some more walleye. Lac Seul is the name of the lake. and Moosehorn Lodge is the place we stay. Great owners, and superb guides. Anyone interested in going there, let me know and I will get you the info that you need
by Chuck Avery

Manitou Weather Station (5 Review/s)

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Recent Testimonial : We all had a great time at the weather station - super service and a huge muskie that we will be back for --- but next time we will know to bring a bigger net when we fish the Manitou! "... and everyone out there should know that the Lake Trout fishing is unmatched --- in all the weather conditions that the Manitou can throw at you --- bring your spinning gear - it works great on these deep diving lakers!
by Mark Hansen 2009

Merkel's Camp (2 Review/s)

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Recent Testimonial : My brother and I made our first visit to Merkel’s Camp about 17 years ago. We based our decision on which camp to go to using brochures sent to us by the Dryden Chamber of Commerce. This was going to be our first fishing trip to Canada and we had no idea what to expect of the lodging or the fishing on Lake Wabigoon. That was 17 years ago and we have not gone anywhere else nor have we even entertained the idea of trying another place. That’s how good it is! I could tell about all the large fish we’ve caught (and we’ve caught a lot! - I got pictures to prove it) and I could tell about the bear hunting (which is great) and I could tell about the scenery (which is beautiful) but the thing that comes to my mind first is the owners of the camp and their hospitality. For me, Merkel’s camp is as good as it gets. It’s a great time with good friends and something fun for the whole family.
by Steve Jantz

Mattice Lake Outfitters (1 Review/s)

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Recent Testimonial : "Having made 16 fly-in fishing trips into Manitoba and Ontario, Canada over the past 12 years, why has Mattice Outfitters become our all-time favorite destination? We have two trips scheduled again for 2007! The fishing is Always great, as it is in most of Northwest Ontario. But who does a fly-in with only that in mind. It's the TOTAL experience that makes the trip memorable, and this is where Mattice Outfitters "shines"! Communication: The beginning of every trip. Someone is always available, even in the dead of Winter to answer questions. The Camps: This is the area that separates Mattice Outfitters from ALL the others, I've been into. The cabins are CLEAN! The boats & motors are well maintained, the docks are spacious, and without exception, everything works...lights, water pressure, refrigerator. Oh yes, the emergency radio: Seldom needed, but another of those amenities not often found in other camps. We find that radio especially helpful if weather becomes a problem on fly-out day. Service: Without exception...outstanding. One of the things that I especially appreciate are the spotless guest cabins available at the main base, for the night prior to flying out."
by V. H. Veenhuis – Isle, MN

Moose Point Lodge and Shikag Outpost Cabins (1 Review/s)

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Recent Testimonial : Just a short note to thank you and your staff for our great trip of last June. I am a part of the Capozzi - Towns - Hill group. We had perhaps the finest trip I've experienced in the eight consecutive years I've fished in Ontario. This was my Son's second trip. The fish in the picture is his largest walleye. This fish was 27 1/2 inches. He lost a bigger one later in the week. What amazed me was that eleven of thirteen of our group caught walleyes this big or bigger. The largest of the week was 31 inches, almost matching the 32 inch walleye caught last year at Moose Point by our group. My hat is off to you, catch and consume is producing a phenomenal fishery! In retrospect I regret only that with so many PIG WALLEYES and acrobatic smallmouth bass that we failed to target Shikag Lake's northern pike. Anyway a hearty thank you to you and your staff for the twinkle in my eye that is certain to last until we again visit "the only place where time slows down" Moose Point Lodge.
by A Happy Guest

McIntosh Lodge (2 Review/s)

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Recent Testimonial : My son, Sam and I, have many fond memories of Canyon Lake and can't wait to make more. We have been back multiple times and appreciate your hospitality. We have had a wonderful experience on Canyon Lake and on a number of the portage lakes. John's guide tips are always helpful in catching a wide number of species in a variety of beautiful scenic locations. The accommodations and boats are first rate and the camp is spectacular! Thanks for everything and we look forward to seeing you again.
by Don & Sam Maschka