Walleye Stir-Fry

INGREDIENTS: * No stick spray * Cube sized walleye * Water chestnuts * Soy sauce * White wine * Bag of frozen vegetables * Stir-fry sauce * Cashews or peanuts (optional) DIRECTIONS: 1. Spray the bottom of a frying pan, skillet, or electric wok with non-stick spray. 2. Combine soy sauce to taste, fish, water chestnuts, and a splash of wine in pan. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes at medium heat. The fish will be done when they are a similar color to the water chestnuts. 3. Pour in bag of frozen vegetables, cover pan again and simmer for 5 more minutes. 4. Add stir-fry sauce, letting it site for 5 minutes to permeate food. 5. Add to a bed of rice or chow mien noodles. Garnish with nuts (optional).

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