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Some live action of two lucky fisherman catching a fish
A foggy scene that is picture perfect
Some boats on the water
A delicious fish fry. Photo sent in by Woman River Camp!
All of the boats docked and lined up
Some fisherman getting ready for a nice day on the lake
Some fisherman on the dock
Beautiful scenery by Andersons Lodge
A Beautiful picture by Andersons Lodge
Reeling a big one in!
A nice day spent fishing on the lake!
A warm sunset captured on Eagle Lake.
A nice pike caught at Eagle Lake Sportsmens Lodge!
A nice sunset over the lake!
A guest holding up a nice moose rack!
Two nice grouse! Hunting for grouse is fun and the payoff of fresh Canadian bird for dinner makes it that much more worth it.
Bear hunting is one of the most exhilarating experiences the Patricia Region has to offer. Check out Zackery and his big bear, hunted at Indian Point Camp!
A small group of deer spotted in a field. Just look at how beautifully coloured they are!
A beautiful aerial view of Indian Point Camp! Just look at the lake and how inviting the camp is. Can you see yourself here?
A beautiful swan taking off from one of the many lakes in Canada's Heartland! You never know what types of wild life you'll see while on the lake.
An eagle mid-flight. It's no surprise that they are considered one of the most majestic birds in the world.
A warm looking sunset over the lake.
Some interesting clouds in the sky over one of the lakes in Canada's Heartland.
A hazy sunset over the lake. The perfect time for fish to start biting!
A trophy bear caught by one of the visiting hunters at Indian Point Camp. You can imagine the adrenaline rush you get when you see one of these big guys in the wild!
A nice cow moose spotted near the shore of a lake. I wonder if she will be seen again in hunting season?
Five good sized grouse! Grouse are abundant in Northwestern Ontario. They make for a fun hunt, and a better meal!
Some nice fall colours show on the leaves, signalling cooler temperatures. Fall is a colourful time of year in the Patricia Region.
A hunter holding his nice buck! Just look at that rack.
A nice buck! Shot by one of our visiting hunters.
Lovely photo of a fisher woman holding her nice catch! Looks like a beautiful day.
A nice 15 point buck caught in the Patricia Region! Trophy bucks are abundant in Canada's Heartland. Will you be the next lucky hunter?
Holly proudly holding up her deer! What could be more delicious than a deer steak for supper? One of the many reasons to hunt in the Patricia Region...
A fantastic catch in one of the Patricia Region's many fantastic lakes! This walleye was 29 inches and 9.5 pounds.
Another great catch in the Patricia Region! With thousands of lakes to choose from, you'll aways have a great fish tale to tell
Great catch! Fishing in Canada's Heartland is bound to be an unforgettable experience. See for yourself!
I wonder if this fish was a fighter? A proud fisherman in the Patricia Region holding his catch!
Beautiful shot of Wabaskang Lake. Even Quill can't help but take a stroll on the dock to enjoy the gorgeous view
Even a little bit of rain can't take away from this pleasing view of Wabaskang Lake. Can't you see yourself taking in this scenery in person next summer ?
A great photo of the beautiful sunsets that you can expect in the Patricia Region

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