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Sweat Beaver

INGREDIENTS: * 1 beaver, skinned and cleaned * 1/2cup vinegar * 1tbsp salt * 2tsp baking soda * 4tbsp pickling spice * 2tbsp dry mustard * 1tsp cinnamon * 1/2tsp ground cloves * 3/4cup brown sugar * 1/2cup dry white wine * 1cup pineapple juice * juice + grated rind of a lemon DIRECTIONS: 1. Follow steps outlined in introduction regarding soaking and washing of beaver carcass. 2. Place Brined and cleaned carcass in pot and add water to cover meat. Sprinkle pickling spice on top of meat and bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. 3. Drain and rinse beaver, pat dry and place in roasting pan. 4. Mix mustard, spices, sugar, wine and fruit juice and spread over meat. 5. Cover and roast at 325F until tender.(approximately 30minutes per pound of meat). Baste frequently.