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Wine Poached Jackfish

INGREDIENTS: Roast Duck * 1.5-2lbs of Jack fillets * 1cup white wine * 1tbsp lemon juice * 1cup sliced mushrooms * 1cup butter * 2 egg yolks * 1cup heavy cream * 1tbsp chopped parsley * 1/2tbsp salt * 1/2tbsp pepper DIRECTIONS: 1. Poach jackfish in wine and lemon juice at low heat until tender. 2. Sauté mushrooms in 1tbsp butter. 3. Remove jackfish to a hot platter and keep warm while making sauce. 4. Heat wine in which fish was cooked to boiling and cook for 10 minutes. 5. Beat egg yolks and add cream. 6. Pour warm wine over this mixture, stirring constantly. 7. Add remaining butter, mushrooms, salt, and pepper. 8. pour over hot fish and serve.