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Silver Pike

Silver PikeWhile still technically considered a Esox Lucius (Northern Pike), the “silver” pike has almost none of the normal markings of a normal pike. Typically, notherns have a dark greenish body with lighter elongated yellow horizontal splotches. The Silver Pike, however, is an all over steel blue/silver color and slightly goldish tips on its scales. Recently, the national hall of fame has listed the silver pike as a new mutation of the northern pike for record keeping purposes. Reports received to date indicate silver pike rarely exceed 10lbs. However, this is not always the case. On little Vermillion Lake silver pike can be found with some regularity and generally tip the 10lbs scale mark, some even as big as 27lbs.
For many years silver pikes were believed to be a variation of the muskellunge, therefore it is encouraging to see a recording body record this fish as a mutant variety.

It seems silver pike only mate successfully with other silver pike which would help explain why they are so scarce. The few times silver pike have been mated successfully with their normal counter parts, the offsrping produced has looked like neither parent.

All of this gives credence to the fact that silver pike may be deserving of their own species name, and little Vermillion lake will likely document this coming to pass.