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Steven P. Pimento in 2021 wrote
Dear Jackie, Jody, Rick, Meredith and Anderson’s Lodge Team, On behalf of our group, we wanted to thank you yet again for hosting us for this years’ 2021 Moose hunt. In these challenging post pandemic times we were very grateful to see such friendly and familiar faces with your team – especially once again Kevin and Andree at our outpost camps. We were grateful and relieved to know that our cabins were cleaned and disinfected prior to our arrival. The weather was conducive for our success in both hunting as well as the monster pickerel and pike that provided us a phenomenal fish fry dinner for our group. Thanks for arranging with The Maker, such a panoramic view of the highly coveted, and spectacular Northern Lights from our dock (lol). They were dancing and lighting up the sky for our endless enjoyment. It was a humbling experience for us to enjoy that never gets old for We (Myself, James, Nicholas, Jayce, Gerry, Will, Mike, Mark-Anthony, Domenic and Travis) all wanted to thank you and all of the staff once again for your sincere hospitality and attention to detail in making our visit memorable. Sincerely, Steven

Dave F. in 2021 wrote
Hi Jackie, A remote experience with boat loads of Northern Hospitality I would like to express our complete satisfaction with Anderson’s lodge. Upon arrival at the main lodge and later at the outpost Toms Landing we found an exceptional facility which led to a phenomenal experience. Toms Landing was everything you told us it would be very comfortable and well maintained. Our group was totally impressed by your staff’s attention to detail and their follow through. Rick made sure we had fuel and ice almost daily. We took full advantage of Kevin’s knowledge of the lake, fish and animals, he was always available and always willing to offer advice and actually dig in and lend a hand! Please extend our gratitude to all of your staff. I have been Moose hunting for 32 years, I have stayed with more than a few outfitters; Andersons Lodge is the best!

Rex Plamann in 2021 wrote
Jackie and Jody and Crew, We thoroughly enjoyed our trip on August 19th to Pickerel Narrows. All of you went to great lengths to make our trip another one for the record books. Kevin was awesome and he was Jonny on the spot with needs. He and his partner welcomed us with a spotless outpost. The cleanliness was truly impressive! Getting our party into the outpost the night before, under some crazy weather conditions, we are grateful for the energy to make the early entry happen. Thank you so much! We battled some crazy weather and with that we still managed to catch some trophy fish and uncover some great new spots for future years……… Thanks so much for providing another great experience!

Greg B. in 2021 wrote
Jackie, Jody & Staff ~ One more big thanks from me and my family…… As for our stay…it was seamless, your service and meals (oh my gosh your meals!!... we are still full…and were outstanding and the fishing more than met our expectations ….. My kids were reluctantly plucked out of their element to get some reprieve from their routines only to learn how to bait a hook, jig and cast a rod, hold a fish, snap a neck back with help ……… my kids also noticed the quality accommodations and services as well. So with that life experience neatly tucked away on our life resume we thank you once for providing us a world class experience that my kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Cheers

Michael Zakula in 2021 wrote
Hi Jackie & Jody! Just wanted to thank you and your crew for another absolutely perfect fishing experience at your outpost camp. Not only the fishing was outstanding but the beauty and solitude of the lake was beyond description. This trip will be hard to beat - as both Ken and I felt that it was absolutely wonderful. Once again - you treated us with the same kindness and respect that you always do and made us feel very special and welcome. Thanks so much for everything. In this unique time when we are all trying to deal with Pandemic living - our time at your lodge was exactly what we needed to lift us both physically and emotionally and has us looking forward to seeing you this coming spring.

Kimberly Dodd in 2019 wrote
My husband has been to Anderson's several times in the past. I agreed to head up for our 25th wedding anniversary. We stayed at Kakebeka outpost. It was INCREDIBLE!!!! The accommodations, the scenery, the service and of course the fishing! We will be back next summer....with the whole family!!! I would recommend Anderson's to anyone! Wives included!

Tom & Kris Anderson in 2019 wrote
Hi Jackie and Jody, Thank you again for such a wonderful trip! The hospitality, service, food etc. were all great – everything we hoped for. I made crab-stuffed Lac Seul walleye the other night and it was fantastic! We look forward to many more fish dinners. My main goal was for Kris to have fun and want to do another trip like this at some point. She must have loved it, because we have locked in spring dates into our calendar! Thanks again, we look forward to seeing you again this spring.

Spencer Snow in 2019 wrote
Hi guys!! Hope all is going well! I was finally able to put together a few pictures of our trip to paradise you folks get to call home. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and helping us make forever family memories!! I hope the rest of the season goes well for ya. Please tell Ms. Tayler and Ms. Mae hi for me.

Darren Sketchley wrote
Another great fishing trip to Anderson’s Lodge with the fellas! Thanks, Marc, for getting us on the fish as always and the amazing staff here for another epic trip, if you want to catch a lot of fish, and big ones, book at Anderson’s ASAP! See ya next year!

Ila Stish in 2019 wrote
Just got home from a four-day fly in trip. Anderson Lodge exceed our expectations. They had a room to stay at their lodge the night before we flew out plus an awesome dinner at their lodge. The outpost was the nicest outpost we have been in. Clean, and very accomplished. Great fishing and staff. I would highly recommend Anderson’s Lodge if you want quality. You get what you pay for. Thank you, Anderson Lodge, for exceeding our expectation. Can’t wait to see you next year.

Charlie Wyatt in 2019 wrote
Thanks to Jackie, Jody, our guide, Shawn Penney, and all of the staff. As usual, you made our stay memorable. The fishing was a little slow and the weather made it tough, but these were out of your control. Hope to see you next year!

Will Zehr in 2019 wrote
Our guides over 3 days all had great spots where walleyes were pulled out by the plentiful. Additionally, Orlando and Jonathan knew exactly where the Pike hung out every afternoon, and a memory I'll have forever when I wheeled in my Muskie with Jeremy. The cabins are super comfortable, staff kept rooms clean and tidy. Meals were unbelievably great and staff are always willing to help. First fishing trip in my 44 yrs of life, and I'd be happy if the Anderson’s Lodge is the only place, I visit over the next 44. Great fun, and I'll be back!

Mindy Fitzpatrick in 2019 wrote
Absolutely an amazing lodge. The owners and staff have it totally wired. Very clean and excellent food and service. The fishing was incredible the entire time. Our guide Pat was simply perfect for us. He met our energy with experience and expertise for the lakes and each type of fish and he rocked our shore lunch each day. We have fished a lot and everywhere. Hands down this one of the best times, place and people ever. Thank you, Anderson Lodge. We will recommend and we will be back.

George Seltz of the Rempe Party in 2019 wrote
Dear Jackie and Jody In August of 2017 my son in law Steve and grandson Benny were privileged to stay at your amazing resort. None of us had ever fished in Canada and the results were as good if not better than advertised. We couldn’t wait to return. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it back last year but that made our return this August that much more special. Once again, the stay at your lodge and the fishing experience was exceptional!! Terrence was our guide and helped us land many fish, prepared fantastic shore lunches and we learned much from him about fishing, the lake and nature. Your lodge staff was friendly, efficient and always had a smile on their faces when they greeted us. Once again, the three of us were able to create many memories which will be with us forever. We can’t wait to return. Thank you!

Jo-Anne, Ted, Gordon & Rescha Barker in 2019 wrote
Hi Jackie and Jody and Rick and Meredith, I wanted to thank you all for making this year’s trip so memorable. It was so nice to be back where our family has such a great time. We enjoy the lodge so much and the staff treats us like royalty. After spending a week eating gourmet meals, its back to salad for me. The kids and I were discussing the best part of the trip, aside from catching so many fish, we love the drive out in the morning to start our day, the great Canadian shield at its most spectacular. We were very sad to leave, but we are already planning for next year. We would also like to send a big thank you to Matt Smith our fishing guide who never fails to deliver fish and awesome shore lunches. Sorry that we missed saying goodbye to you Jackie, but we will see you again. Have a great finish to your season. Thank you!

Dan, Bob, Doug, John & Phil in 2019 wrote
Jackie, Jody, Rick, Shawn, Thanks again for a great week of fishing, food, and fellowship. You folks always do a great job and go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a great Canadian experience! From the girls in the dining room, the guides and the dock crew are all friendly and are always helpful. Fishing was Great! Hope to see you next year. Thanks for everything.

Kevin Prochaska in 2019 wrote
Hi Guys and Gals! Just a quick note to tell you (like you don't already know) what a great lodge you have! Cabin was great, food was amazing, and the staff was unbelievable! Kudos to our guide, Jeremy! You have a well-oiled machine running up there in Canada and my hat is off to you! See you next time!

Jeremy Carder in 2019 wrote
Jackie, I want to Thank you again on such an awesome business. The professionalism in all the employees was quite amazing. The smiles and help from all of them should be witnessed by more people and businesses……..Thank you again.

Mary Jo Bangasser in 2019 wrote
Jody and all Thanks so much for a great fishing trip for our family. It was the first trip for Catherine and I and we really enjoyed all of the fishing and pampering we received from Cecil and the staff at the lodge……..You have a great lodge ~ Thanks again

Reed Robison in 2019 wrote
Hi Jody and Jackie, Just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you and your team for another wonderful trip. This was my second trip and had the pleasure of bringing my brother along for his first Anderson's experience. From the day I leave, I'm already thinking about the next visit. It's so refreshing to be off the grid for a week and just enjoy good company, great fishing, and the breathtaking landscape of Ontario and Lac Seul. Thank you for hosting us and sharing your wonderful home. You have a very special place there.

Ted & Jane Pipe in 2019 wrote
Thanks for a wonderful week at Kakebeka Narrows outpost. My trip was beyond what I expected. Catching fish was nonstop; the accommodations were much more luxurious than I expected since it was totally powered by solar energy. Camp host/hostess were very friendly. And the scenery was incredible, seeing moose and otter along the way.

Brice Hopper in 2019 wrote
To whom it may concern at Anderson’s lodge, Thank you so much for making my first Canadian fishing trip one to remember. Every moment from the time we checked in to the time we left was absolutely fantastic. The best part of my trip was the fishing, thanks to our knowledgeable guide, Justin. We caught numerous walleyes daily which, in turn led to a delicious shore lunch. After lunch we got back on the water and caught smallmouth. My favorite northern fish to catch was smallmouth and I look forward to doing it again. Another highlight of the trip was the excellent dinner at the lodge. Each night the food was exceptional as was the service. Once again, thank you for making my trip one to remember.

Roger Wilson in 2019 wrote
Hi Jackie, I wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we had at your lodge. I have been coming to Canada for the past ten years for fishing. This has been far and away the best trip I have ever had. From the fantastic food to the excellent service you and your staff provide it is second to none. You should be very proud of what a tremendous group of people you have assembled to provide your guests the very best service. I will be back next year but this time we are hoping to bring our wives. Thanks again for a truly unforgettable vacation.

Jackie Bendorf in 2019 wrote
What a great time we had. Weather was beautiful and fishing was awesome. Thank you, Jackie, Jody, Meredith, Rick and staff, for another fantastic trip. The service you provide is outstanding.

Bill Metzger in 2019 wrote
Anderson’s Lodge provided the most amazing experience for our first Canadian fishing trip. The owners are well skilled in providing world class facilities and accommodations. The employees, from guides, waitress and housekeeping staff were so pleasant and most accommodating. If you are looking for an outstanding Canadian fishing lodge with “push easy button” service this is where you need to be. Thanks Jackie, Jody and staff for a fantastic experience.

Peg Lalowski & Ruth Martin in 2019 wrote
Dear Jackie and Jody, We want to thank you for a most wonderful vacation at Anderson's Lodge. We were most impressed with how you and your staff were so friendly and helpful making us feel right at home from day one. Thanks for answering our questions and making some special arrangements for us. The store and especially the tackle section was outstanding. The dining experience was fantastic! The food was unbelievable!!!! Kudos to the chef!!!!!! A special thanks to our servers; Erin, Taylor, Mae and Lizzy. Always service with a smile and very attentive. We loved the cabin. It was great to sit on the porch reliving a wonderful day of fishing while enjoying the view of the lake and a glass of wine. Above all our guide Jonathan was amazing!!!!!!!!!! Not only did he put us on fish, a lot of fish, 2 Master Angler Awards included. He shared lots of great information about Lac Seul and the surrounding area. He was the MOST FUN, an unbelievable cook, master photographer and made our week the most memorable experience. Sometimes we think he was more excited than we were. Thanks again to the two of you, Rick, Meredith and the entire staff. This was the perfect start to fulfilling our bucket list. WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!!

Lisa Wood in 2019 wrote
Awesome trip as always! Thanks for all the great people and food! Waitress staff amazing and Marc had us on fish everyday! Can’t wait till next year.

Stan Balicki in 2018 wrote
Jackie and Jody, It has taken me longer than I intended to write this, but I just wanted to share with you what a wonderful time our family had at Anderson's Lodge this past June. I attached the photos of the Master Angler small mouth bass that I caught along with my mom, Arlene, and my daughter, Olivia. This trip was especially memorable for us because we introduced Olivia to Canada and to Anderson's Lodge for the first time. She keeps asking when we're coming back! Olivia is the fourth generation of our family to enjoy Anderson's Lodge, as her great-grandfather started coming up from Chicago in the 1960's. While everything was as good as we've come to expect, our guide, Trevor, really helped make this a memorable trip for us. He's a great fisherman and a thoughtful person that went out of his way to make sure every day was fun. I'm not sure when we'll all be able to come back, but I can guarantee that we all look forward to that time. Best wishes and continued success!

Ron Kohlenberg in 2018 wrote
Dear Jackie & Jody, I am dropping you this quick note to thank you for hosting our 2018 fishing trip. I have been taking groups and have been going on Canadian fishing trips for over 20 years. The experience and service by you and your staff was incredible. When we arrived, everything was in place and ready to go. Including the beer, liquor, pizza and snacks in every cabin! Clean cabins, clean beds, clean boats. What more could a fisherman ask for? Great guides and good fishing? …yep, you guys had it covered. There wasn’t any last-minute request that wasn’t handled without a flinch by you and your staff. We are planning on bringing up another group in 2020. Specifics are unclear but the lodge is not; Anderson’s Lodge will be the place. Thanks again for making our customer fishing experience one to remember. Ron Kohlenberg CEO Hein Electric Supply Company

Thermoking Midwest Guys in 2018 wrote
Another GREAT trip to Anderson’s Lodge 2018 Once again the folks at Anderson’s have exceeded our expectations, Jackie, Jody, and Rick, our gracious hosts, and their entire team have done it again making certain that our trip was an exciting and pleasurable one. Shawn and Greg, our guides, were always accommodating and made certain we were ‘on the fish’ and our daily fishing a real adventure, full of excitement. They are the real pros of this trip and are the stewards and custodians of this pristine environment. They reflect what truly professional guides are. Our group had 16 Master Angler Awards and untold numbers of other exciting catches in the 3-1/2 days of fishing, a testament to the expertise of the guides and their professionalism. Our shore lunch was ALWAYS a GREAT experience and we sometimes wonder if the guides aren’t really ‘Master Chef’s’ in disguise. The daily preparation of the Walleye was always something we looked forward to as well as all the accompanying sides. We’ve all committed to go back on our diets when we return home. We took time to reflect on the events of the morning and the beauty and grandeur of nature that surrounded us. The soaring of Eagles, the courting Loons who swam about, the rare Cinnamon colored bear on shore, and then the small moose calf who watched us with as much wonderment as we watched her, finally scampering back into the dense woods seeking out her protective mother, all spectacular elements of this beautiful, untarnished environment. Our conversations reviewed the exciting events of the morning and hopes and expectations of the afternoon, as well as having a few well-placed challenges being pressed on to each other…all part of the camaraderie we experience during these trips. This is the 34th year in a row for some of our group, a testament to the level of satisfaction we have with your facility and all the folks at Anderson’s, and we’ve already booked our 2019 dates. Thanks again for another great trip and so many fond memories. In appreciation and with our kindest regards. The ThermoKing Midwest guys; Dan, Dick, Tom, Glenn, David & Mike.

Chuck Porter & Bill Butterworth in 2018 wrote
Dear Jackie & Jody, Chuck and I want to let you know what a great time we had during our trip to Anderson’s Lodge August 13 to 18. Our cottage was very enjoyable. The beds were firm and comfortable. The washroom was clean and up to date. It was nice to sit on the front deck every evening with a cocktail and talk about the day’s fishing. Having free Wifi available was a nice touch so we could communicate back home with friends and family. The dining room was perfect. The log walls and stuffed animals and fish created a nice ‘northern’ feel. The white table cloths and candles make it a notch or two above your average dining room. And the food was awesome. Large servings, well prepared and the desserts were really something. The office was well stocked with many items that people might have forgotten to pack, both fishing tackle, and clothing accessories. Our boat had a new and reliable outboard and all the necessities for our daily fishing trips. But what impressed us the most was yourselves and your entire staff. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Everything was well organized and all our requests were answered quickly and with a smile! Thanks to you two, Rick and Tayler in the office for answering all our questions and making some special arrangements for us. Our servers in the dining room and the bar were fantastic. Our thanks especially to Shyanne, Mae, Rae-Anne and Ravon for looking after us. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with them as they went about their jobs so well. And above all, our thanks to Jeremy for the tremendous job he did as our guide for the four days of tremendous fishing that we had. He always put us on productive spots so that we caught lots of fish. He prepared excellent shore lunches every day. We exchanged stories about his life and adventures and ours. He offered lots of advice and tips about fishing and it helped us land many, many fish, which was the main reason for our trip! We really enjoyed meeting Honey and her mate! Again, thanks to everyone at Anderson’s for making our trip so pleasant and memorable. We have already convinced one group of our friends to make the trip there and you should be hearing from them soon. All the best to you and all the staff.

Tom & Linda Nation in 2018 wrote
To Service Staff; Thank you for making our trip to Anderson’s Lodge such a pleasant one!! Everyone has been super friendly & that makes a person feel so welcome!! The meals were very delicious, and those serving were so pleasant to be around!! Thank to those who did our dishes!! We don’t know who does housekeeping in the cabins (which are very nice, by the way!!), but we appreciated coming back to a tidy cabin, beds well made!! Everything was very clean. Thanks for the service of minnows straight to our door. We had fun fishing on the dock in the evenings. For those who got our shore lunches ready, thanks!! There were a highlight of the trip!! I want to include Jackie, Jody & Rick in this. We appreciated the prompt e-mails & excellent service to a certain question I had right before we came!! You run a very well, organized lodge, wanting the best for your visitors! We will surely suggest you if someone we know wants to come to Canada on a fishing trip!! My husband can never outdo this Christmas present, for sure!! We learned a lot of thing we didn’t know during this trip! David made our trip even more interesting, telling us about aversions to bananas on boats, etc! Again, thanks for the lifetime memories we’ve made here, & making it so special!!

Nick DiCianni in 2018 wrote
Jackie, We had another great trip. Fishing on the opener was phenomenal, we caught hundreds of fish and most were over 22 inches. Except for the warm weather and the fog getting out, this had to be one of the best trips ever. After doing this for 35 years I can hardly wait for next year. Regards to Jody and the rest of the staff.

Michael Zakula in 2018 wrote
Hi Jackie & Jody! Just wanted to thank you and your staff for another phenomenal fishing experience. I think that our biggest problem this year was worrying if we were going to have enough bait. Even though we had 80 dozen minnows to start!!! We thoroughly appreciate the quality operation that you run and the caring kindness and integrity that you always share with us. Many thanks and I am already looking forward to our trip next year.

Tom Lantrip in 2018 wrote
Jody & Jackie, Thanks for another great time this year. I think I’ve missed 2 years in over 30 coming up to fish at Andersons. Hope to see you next year.

Gary & John Zellinger in 2018 wrote
Dear Jackie and Jody, Our trip to your lodge was part birthday present for our son John and part of my 80th year of living celebration. The Anderson’s package was a real highlight for us with ALL our expectations being met with wonderful fishing and guiding (Jeremy Suteu), good food and accommodations and an ‘out to please’ staff. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts and attention to detail. You manage a first rate operation.

Nev Torrance in 2018 wrote
Jackie and Jody, I wanted to thank you for the great time, you have a 1st class place from start to finish!

Larry McLeod in 2018 wrote
Jody & Jackie, Thank you for a wonderful time fishing experience again this year. Aaron is a very good guide and was comfortable to be with. His shore lunches were scrumptious. All of the servers were excellent as usual, and the food was delicious.

Dave & Nora Savage in 2018 wrote
Hi Gang, We got our confirmation for next spring today. Fantastic! Thanks for the heads up. We were very happy with our guide Stephen Wesley this last spring. He surely got along well with us and we with him. I don't know how that portion works but if possible and agreeable to him we would appreciate his company again. Let us know on that. Getting excited already. We have talked to quite a few folks that seem to get excited also. Maybe we better shut up or there might not be room for us in the future! I don't think a high-rise at your lodge would be a good idea however.

Terry Winter in 2018 wrote
Good morning, My son Jake and I were there last week and wanted to thank you for everything. It was a great trip and Jake and I look forward to next summer. Your staff is amazing and everyone makes a difference in making the experience a memorable one.

Terry Winter in 2018 wrote

Doug Phipps in 2018 wrote
Jackie, Just wanted to say thank you for another awesome experience at Anderson’s Lodge. You and your staff always make our 3 days such a pleasure. Your staff bends over backwards to make sure our expectations are met. The restaurant staff is extremely attentive and the food is beyond expectation. It was very nice to come back to the cabin after a long day of fishing to find beds made and clean towels. Of course my buddies and I think we have had the absolute best guide for three years running. We are so appreciative of his knowledge of the lake and the area and the fact that he actually baits our hooks all day long with an attitude of, “I’m here for you”. Having run a business for the past twenty six years, I know that there is a trickle down effect from the top when it comes to employee attitude. So I commend you and Jody. We once again look forward to coming back next year.

Joe DeYoung in 2018 wrote
Jackie & Jody, Thanks again for such a great experience and wonderful fishing for our first trip to Canada. This was an incredible lodge and great fishing for some inexperienced fishermen. Glad we took the trip and hope to come back soon.

Jason Plugge in 2018 wrote
Hi Jackie, We had a wonderful time. The plane ride and pilot were great; the kids loved it. Everything was great, you guys run a very nice place there and we really enjoyed our stay. The cabin cleanliness, bed comfort, and boat condition exceeded our expectations. Cabin location was awesome! Thanks again and we hope to be back in a few years.

John Howlett in 2018 wrote
Jackie & Jody, What a wonderful week. Great comments from all our team. Perhaps the most important to both of you is the number of comments on the GREAT Customer Service. It’s something we all try and give our customers but you and your team nailed it. Thank you for everything! Warm personal regards.

Tom M. in 2018 wrote
2nd year in a row spent with my 2 grandsons' at Anderson's Lodge. Wonderful 3 days of fishing, caught some beautiful walleye, some nice sizes in the 20 inch class. Numerous pike, the biggest around 34 inch. We had a great guide that was fairly new to Anderson's but with other guides help and his own knowledge he put us on fish every day. Our first day, after heavy storms and rain the night before was a little slow, but picked up very nice the days after that. Shore lunches are always a nice break and delicious. The Lodge owners are the best, friendly, knowledgeable and always there for whatever your need might be. Cabins are clean, lodge food is excellent, and it's an easy ride from Thunder Bay. You won't be disappointed if you’re looking for a place to fish and experience some delicious meals, both shore lunch, and lodge breakfast/dinner. Looking forward to another trip to Anderson's Lodge.

Jim Gallatin in 2018 wrote
We came to fish and enjoy Ontario’s beautiful and pristine lakes. The fishing was great, catching six species, drinking from the lakes, and finding trash an incredibly rare sight. An unspoiled area with remarkably few other people even on opening day weekend. Stunningly beautiful. Hundreds of miles of fishing grounds with lots of options for catching walleye, northern pike, perch, muskellunge, and smallmouth bass, and other species. The lodge and rooms are very comfortable, the food excellent, and the service people friendly and helpful. Jody and Jackie seem to never sleep, working nonstop to answer questions and generally make sure you are having a great time. The other guests are also there to fish and enjoy life, making it a relaxing, fun environment overall. Our guide, Brendan, was a fishing fanatic, an incredibly knowledgeable tournament fisherman. He got us on the fish, gave us lots of friendly tips, and cooked tremendous shore lunches. Great guy. My only complaint: we had to leave!

Bud & Diana Furr in 2018 wrote
Dear Jackie & Jody, We wanted to tell you again what a great fishing and lodging experience we had in September at Anderson’s Lodge. Pictures of Diana with her big fish have been widely circulated and have produced a number of “wows,” “awesome,” and “exciting” comments. We apologize if we were a little too excited about our stay; as experienced campers, we will be more subdued next year. (Just kidding!!!) We sent an extra copy of your brochure to a good friend in Sebring Florida who wants to take his son fishing in Canada as a college graduation present next summer. He was pretty excited about our report, and you may hear from him. Thanks again for such a great time. See you next August.

Kris Dunlap in 2018 wrote
Hey Jody and Jackie, I’m finally getting to this. Thanks again for another super fun trip at Anderson’s Lodge. Aaron was another great guide to have and was so good with Aiden. Shore lunches were amazing again and catching over 100 fish per day was certainly a plus!!! No trophy fish this year but lots of fish! Can’t wait for the next trip! #fishon

Jo-Anne Barker in 2018 wrote
Hi Jackie and Jody, Here are some photos from this years fishing trip. Gordon, Rescha, Ted and I had so much fun, I think the kids will be coming every year from now on. I would like to thank you both, for once again making our holiday fantastic. As usual the food was amazing and the cabin on the water was great. We would also like to say how much we loved having Matt as our guide, he worked very hard and is a big part of why we have so much fun at the lodge, he’s awesome. Have a great long weekend and good luck with the hunting season. We will see you next year. Thank you!

Aiden Zortman in 2018 wrote
Dear Jackie & Jody, Once again I had a great time fishing at Anderson's Lodge. We think we caught over 100 fish each day. Lots of small ones but some big ones and catching some is better than none right? Unfortunately, I had a big bass and a pretty big northern got off the hook. Oh well, that's part part of fishing, right? Alright I think Aaron was a great fishing guide and would like to have him again. You know we did not catch a trophy but we still caught a lot of fish. Out of my family I caught the biggest fish it was a 32 ½ northern pike. I hope I can come back sometime. I liked how the cleaning people lined my stuffed fish up on my bed. Mom thought it was cute. Until next time….Fish on!

Don J. in 2018 wrote
I have stayed at Anderson's several times and have always received very friendly service. Jackie and Jody are a couple of the nicest people I knew. They always take time to be nice to us and help in any way they can. I can't say enough good things about them or about Anderson's Lodge. Total first class!!

Patti & John in 2017 wrote
Good afternoon Jackie & Jody, A couple of pics you might enjoy and may want to share with our guide Joe. Hope he enjoyed our company as much as we very much appreciated his expertise and guidance. Thank you for "doing it right the first time!"

Jim Franke in 2017 wrote
Wanted to thank you for a terrific time fishing at Anderson’s Lodge. The staff and Guide (Trevor) were fantastic. I will recommend to all my friends and family that this is the place to go.

Greg in 2017 wrote
We had a ball and the fishing was everything it was built up to be. We loved our Guide Matt and the unit you put us in was perfect. I will attach a photo of me with a Laker, The best fight I had all week. Thank all of you so much for a very memorable Trip! Thanks!

D in 2017 wrote
Well, I had to convince the guys that we needed to do a fishing trip way up north to catch some big ones and experience the northern lodge experience. Anderson's Lodge did not disappoint! We have been going on fishing trips for 10 years together, but we have never experienced the quality (and quantity) of fish, the awesome accommodations and the Anderson's Lodge and your amazing staff (yes, including our guide Marc lol), made this trip a trip of a life time for us and I wanted to say thanks to you, Jackie and Jody, for running an amazing Lodge, absolutely top notch! Again, thank you for our BEST fishing trip ever. All the best!

George Seltz in 2017 wrote
I will be sending you several photos of our recent stay at your amazing resort. In a small way the photos capture the fantastic time we spent with you and your staff. The time my grandson Benny, son in law Steve and I were together was a memorable experience for all of us which we will never forget! Nothing could be improved upon. We hope to return again and again. Thank you.

Jacob Scebold in 2017 wrote
Attached are a couple pictures from our trip this past week (27.5" Walleye; 48" Musky). Had a great time as usual! Thank you guys for the outstanding hospitality!

Don, Randy, Mike & Steve Dunlap in 2017 wrote
Thank you again for a great trip to Anderson's Lodge! We could not have asked for better fishing, weather accommodation and dining. Your hospitality and Tim’s ability to put us onto the fish made for a very memorable trip. Cheers!

Greg & Mary Faith Hunt in 2017 wrote
We want to thank you for a great week of fishing at your Lodge. Every part of your operation was top notch and exceed all our expectations. You picked the perfect guide when you paired us up with Jeremy. My wife and I have fished many times in Canada and lots of Walleye. We have never caught so many walleye so big! The 27.5 inch plus several 26 inch walleye we caught were amazing! Look forward to coming back next year.

Denny, Ruth & Kayden in 2017 wrote
Jody, I wanted to say thank you again for all the help you gave me to get back home to meet my newborn son Kayden. You were so helpful in helping me make the quickest arrangements possible to return home. Kayden was born at 10:53 Tuesday night so I wasn't able to make it for his birth but I did arrive Wednesday morning at 5:30 to welcome him into the world! Ruth and I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to us in being so helpful with the whole situation. Please also thank Kevin for the ride back across the lake and to Jackie for sending Kevin out to get me. We all thank you guys very much and hope that someday my son and I can come up and enjoy the wonderful fishing and experience you guys have to offer. Thanks again!

Brad Langfield in 2017 wrote
From John and myself, thank you again for everything you do to make our time at Anderson’s the experience of the summer. The entire team you have working at Anderson’s are incredible hosts and ambassadors for your Lodge. I hope that we will make next year an even bigger success. Be in contact soon. Thanks again.

Michael Lask in 2017 wrote
Jackie & Jody, for years my father, brother, and I have dreamed of a Canadian fishing trip to cross off our bucket list. Anderson's Lodge blew away all of our expectations! We're definitely not professional fishermen, but we were completely taken care of the whole trip. We could not even estimate the amount of walleye we caught, and I even had two 40 + inch muskies in back to back days (special thanks to our guide Brendan). Thanks again, we hope to be back before too long.

Don Dumich in 2017 wrote
Thanks again for a great trip. My son, Mark, and son-in-law, Steve, can’t wait to join me next year. Sincerely.

Paul Mueller in 2017 wrote
Thanks for a memorable family vacation, I will send a few emails with photos. We had an excellent time, Forest did an outstanding job with our family. He was great with the kids, they loved spending time with him. My youngest can't wait to go next year, we will be in touch soon. Take care.

Michael Zakula in 2017 wrote
This year marked 30 years since my first visit to Anderson’s Lodge. We started out staying in the main lodge before gaining enough confidence to enjoy your outpost camps. The fishing is different every year - but the constant factors are that we always have a wonderful and relaxing time while making lifelong memories enjoying the fishing and the solitude of the Canadian wilderness. We can also always depend on you, Jody and your crew to do everything possible to make certain that we enjoy our stay from the time we arrive until we put the fish on ice and head home. Please accept my sincere appreciation for adding so many wonderful experiences to my fishing memories. I plan on returning for our annual trip as long as I can hold a rod and set the hook. Sincerely.

Wally & Dianne Hampton wrote
Just wanted to forward the picture we were able to get the morning we flew out from Pickerel Narrows Outpost. It only lasted a short time but it was spectacular - the picture doesn't do the colors justice but still looks pretty amazing. Thanks so much for giving us another wonderful trip and some lasting memories. Hopefully we can do it again in the future. You guys are the best! Until we see you again.

Lee Walker in 2017 wrote
Just want to drop a line to you guys and thank you very much for a wonderful experience staying at Anderson’s Lodge. We made an epic 7500 mile round trip from the UK and it was worth all the effort. The hospitality was excellent and the fishing was amazing. Our guide Brendan was fantastic, his knowledge of the lakes and fishing skills allowed us to catch literally hundreds of fish during our stay. The scenery and wildlife is breath taking and it is an experience we will never forget. I would recommend the Lodge to anyone thinking about booking a fishing trip especially from the UK and Europe. We look forward to repeating the experience very soon. Kind Regards.

Doug Phipps in 2017 wrote
Here is a couple of photos of the 41" Northern Pike I caught. It was caught on 7/14/17. I was fishing for walleye using a jig and minnow on 10lb. test line, no leader. Aaron Jolicoeur was our guide. Jackie, we had a great time and appreciate the awesome attention to detail from you and your staff. I have to say after having fished with many guides in the past, Aaron is among the best. We look forward to coming back next year.

Noel Pfeffer in 2017 wrote
OMG, caught so many Muskies! Attached are a few of our favorite pics. So many quality fish over the course of the week. You and your staff were just awesome. We all had a great time and fell in love with your part of the world. I look forward to visiting again!

Rick, Cindy & Dan in 2017 wrote
We had a great time. Everyone is awesome and we would recommend your lodge to anyone. As a matter of face on our trip home we met some people who were very interested in your place after we described our adventure. I am including some pictures, hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Again thank you for a wonderful experience.

Martin Gottner in 2017 wrote
Thanks so much for everything; we have been treated beyond any expectations we had. First Class all the way!!!

Doug Parks in 2017 wrote
Best trip ever and we’ve been there 26 years!

The Richardson Family in 2017 wrote
Thanks to both of you for the Richardson's Anderson's Lodge Fishing Trip 2017. This year we had an addition to our trip. Trey (14) and Carly (12). Trey was able to recreate a picture that my husband took on his first trip to Anderson's when he was 16. Both of them experienced Canada's fishing at its finest and are ready to come back again. We had wonderful service, perfect weather, a great flight to Tuktegweik Bay Outpost, and caught lots of fish. Thanks again for all the wonderful memories!!

Johnny & Bonnie Kaye Nolan in 2017 wrote
Jackie and Jody, wanted to let you'll know that everyone in our party had a great time as I knew they would because you'll are the best! Still can't believe the weather we had while we were there, not a drop of rain and no wind to speak of, just a little on the warm side but not complaining. The fishing was great as always and please tell Stephen and Eric that we really appreciate the hard work they put into our trip everyday with Stephen taking the guys bass fishing every evening and Eric taking the ladies was a big success as you can see with Bonnie Kaye's big Northern Pike and I had the pleasure of catching a master angler smallmouth! Hope to see you'll again soon! Thanks again!

Aiden Zortman 9 Years Old in 2017 wrote
Hi! I’m Aiden and I think that Anderson lodge was great. I liked how fun it was to catch fish. My favorite catch was when I caught my 33 inch northern pike. It was at the end of the first day in the place we tried. I got no fish so we went to a different place and on my first cast in that area I caught a 29 inch northern pike. We let it go then I casted again ….nothing. So I casted one more time and the lure got stuck on a rock. Then it came free but when my rod started to bend I knew why it came free. Because there was a fish on my line. So Pat came over and held me so I did not fall in. I reeled and reeled so it was right by our boat. My guide got the net and scooped him in the boat. We measured him before letting him go. He was big! I think our guide was great because he was nice to me and my family. He gave us good advice about fishing which will help me catch more fish in the future. These are a couple reasons why I think Anderson Loge is so great! I hope to be back soon. Happy Fishing!

Tom Starck in 2017 wrote
Just a note to thank you both for providing our group with another great fishing trip. In spite of not catching many large fish, we did catch a lot of fish and enjoyed the beauty of the lake. Kevin was very helpful and came to our rescue when we discovered our bottled water wasn't there when we arrived. He gave us some of his own stock to tide us over. I hope the rest of your year is a great one and am already thinking about next year. Regards.

Larry McFadden Jr. in 2017 wrote
This is Larry McFadden with the Murphy party June 2017. Attached is the picture of my 27.5” walleye. I can’t tell you what a truly incredible time the entire trip was. Your guides did an excellent job, and put us on some good fish. I can’t wait for my next trip up there. Thanks.

Kris Dunlap Zortman in 2017 wrote
Here are some of the MANY great pictures we took from our absolutely wonderful fishing vacation last week. Thanks so much for a great time and definitely memory maker for my family. Patrick was amazing (better give him a raise). :-) Weather perfect and we can't believe how many fish we caught! Hope to visit again sometime! Will be sure to spread the word about your lodge. Many are already asking me about it, and lucky for you I have a big mouth. HA! Take care!

Tom Evans in 2017 wrote
Had a fantastic time here! Everything here was great. The food, the accommodations and especially the staff. Eric Chukra really did a great job guiding. He was so nice and went out of his way to help a novice like me. He was very knowledgeable and put us on the fish consistently! The staff in the restaurant were awesome and so were you and Jodi! I'll never forget this trip.

Kim Collins in 2017 wrote
We stayed with you all from May 30th to June 2nd and we had a great time. The cabins were very clean and well kept, the food was good and mostly the guide, Jeremy, was great. He got us on fish every single day, was constantly making sure we were doing what we wanted and had what we needed. He did great making our shore lunches also, even in the wet crappy weather. He is definitely a keeper. Here are a few pictures I took of our stay. Thanks so much.

Phil Kashian in 2017 wrote
Thanks again for the great service and overall it was an awesome time.

Mike Rowland in 2017 wrote
Jackie & Jody: Thank you for making Brian’s and my time at the lodge memorable. The accommodations and food both in quality and quantity were only exceeded by the exceptional customer service provided by you and your staff. Jeremy: Your guiding skills are amazing. So is your cooking. Best of all I enjoyed the stories and bantering. It truly was a perfect match of personalities and senses of humor. Thank you for helping me as much as you did. It’s hard to accept the loss of balance, and aches and pains that comes with getting old….. All this is why I wanted this to be a special time for Brian (and me). You can’t take the future for granted and you and everyone delivered. Enough of the sappy stuff. I may have to send multiple emails with pictures. Good luck to all this season. We’ll be back one day as the big pikes and walleyes are still out there worthy of a patch.

Kenton Beard in 2017 wrote
Everything was great and we certainly enjoyed and appreciated you and your staff. You have a first class operation. Thanks.

Nick & Rob DiCianni in 2017 wrote
My 34th trip to Lac Seul and Anderson’s, it gets better every trip. Thank you for making this another great fishing experience. We had typical Walleye weather two days of cold and rain, two days of sunny and warm, and 3 days of wind and clouds, all in all great fishing weather. The newbies Pat and Mike loved the fishing and the experience, although I think this is the first time they were roughing it. We kept telling them about the camp in the 80s and I don’t think they believed us. The veterans Tom, Nicky, and Russ did well as usual, and hopefully our pal Sheffie won’t have to work next year and will be returning. As usual, we caught lots of walleye and a few really good Northern Pike. Apparently, a little too cool for the Smallmouth so we did not have the pleasure of their company, but the 100 plus fish per boat days were super. Rob landed a 41 inch Northern Pike and Russ a 27.5 walleye so only two patches this year. I managed a nice size Northern, and 26 inch plus walleye but could not stretch it to 27.5, will send that photo later when Rob sends it to me. We all look forward to coming in 2018, but I have to admit the drive from Texas is tough, 1400 miles, but worth it. Warmest Regards.

Dean Clark in 2017 wrote
Thanks so much for the best year yet and being so awesome and accommodating.

Jamie Kline in 2016 wrote
I wanted to send you a few pictures from our trip last week from the Callicoat group. Our guide Patrick did an outstanding job every day and made our experience one that we will never forget. He had asked us to send a few pictures…..Attached is a few that include dour group as well as my fish Ontario Smallmouth Bass from Little V as well as the 40” Master Angler Pike that I caught on Lac Seul. Thanks again for all of your hospitality during our stay.

RJ Schulte in 2016 wrote
Jackie and Jody, Just a note to say thank you for another great trip to Anderson’s Lodge in July for our group. The fishing was even better than on previous trips with more and larger fish than usual. We had some new guys n the group and one of them caught a 48 in Norther Pike the second day there……….We look forward to seeing you again in the future. The Oklahoma Fishing Team.

Chuck Riegel in 2016 wrote
Jody and Jackie, I wanted to let you know what a great time we had at the lodge this year. Aaron sure did make this trip special for us. He took such great care of every detail of the trip. The fishing was phenomenal, the shore lunches were delicious and the lodge food and accommodations were really top notch. Aaron is such a joy to spend time with and we so enjoy fishing with him. He was clearly focused on making sure we caught fish and had a great time. I have eaten in the finest restaurants around the world but my most favorite meal is a walleye shore lunch on Lac Seul. Thanks for everything and we will see you again next year.

Cooky Bergman in 2016 wrote
Hi, Jackie and Jody. We’re once again home in NE Wisconsin. Ever since 1985, the year we visited Anderson’s Lodge, our fishing adventures have been spoiled by fishing on Lac Seul. Although we had a 31 year hiatus, we are happily enjoying our memories from Anderson’s. While the accommodations were perfect, complete with good food and many new recipes to gain, we were totally thrilled with the fishing guides we had. Our first 2 days were spent with Greg and we caught many fish and had 2 wonderful shore lunches with him. While my mind is about 35 years old, my body of 77 years made it hard to get in and out of the 16 foot boat, even with help from Greg and my husband Russ. We opted for the Bowrider boat and are forever spoiled for fishing accommodations. The Bowrider afforded us room to stand, walk around and be kept out of the inclement weather. Fishing was as good as expected with Russ catching a 38” Northern Pike. We had our fill of Walleye shore lunches (WHICH I THINK IS THE BEST MEAL IN THE WORLD). With our conservation licenses we were able to bring home enough fish to have a very large fish fry with our family. The best part of the whole trip, for me was when we told our new guide Cecil, we wanted to fish for Northern Pike. He took us “somewhere- ‘cause it all looks alike to me”, and I was able to hook onto the largest fish I had ever seen. With Cecil’s soft-spoken coaching I was able to bring a monster fish to the boat. He skillfully netted the monster that turned out to be a 45” Northern Pike. Cecil estimated that it weighed probably 30#. THIS WAS THE THRILL OF A LIFETIME FOR THIS OLD GRAY-HAIRED LADY. I’ve relived this moment many times since we’ve been home and look forward to the day when we hope to repeat this vacation. Cheers to the entire staff, including you too, all the wait staff, etc. However, my favorite person of all during this time has to be Cecil. Not only did he loan me his favorite artificial bait, he coached me as was able to land this wonderful, huge fish. We released it so that perhaps someone else might experience this once-in-a lifetime dream come true.

Dave J. Overy in 2016 wrote
Hi Jody and Jackie ~ just a note to let you guys know what an exceptional fishing trip I had at your lodge the week of August 21. I was one of the six member Stanmore group that stayed in cabin 6. I just wanted to drop a note to you guys and express to you what made my experience so memorable. The accommodations were very clean, well-organized and comfortable. The food was excellent with plenty of variety for everyone’s pallet. The restaurant staff was always very polite, cheerful and ready to please. It is very refreshing to see people who like their job and like to be there. Lastly and most importantly our trip was made by having, as I believe, one of your best guides Greg Attard. His passion for fishing coupled by his vast knowledge about the species and the techniques needed to be successful were second to none. He is truly a professional when it comes to guiding. In addition he has a congenial personality and is a sure friend in the boat. To sum it up, I would return to Anderson’s Lodge in a heartbeat knowing that my trip would again be great with Greg as my guide. I will be back and rest assure all my friends will be there as well. Good fishing!

Vona King in 2016 wrote
Hi Jackie and Jody. Here is the picture of my 19.5 inch Bass and a picture of Terry with a couple of the nice Walleye he caught. Again, we had a wonderful time and appreciate your hospitality! We hope we can visit you again.

Tom & Max Mitchell in 2016 wrote
Jackie, Jody ~ we had an awesome time with our stay at Anderson’s this year. Great food, great service, friendly staff, cabins were clean and spacious, great guide that is a lot of fun and the fishing was phenomenal! Shore lunch was excellent. Patrick Keating was excellent and passionate about his job and we want him for our guide next year! We have also told many other families about Anderson’s Lodge and the great time we had. I know that our neighbors are going to book with you. Thanks again!

Josh Houda in 2016 wrote
Thanks again for another incredible year and for making my Dads birthday so special. Can’t wait to plan next year’s trip! Here’s a drop box link to photos. Thanks again!

Ben Hollesen in 2016 wrote
Jody and crew – Thanks for the awesome fishing experience. This was our second time back to Tom’s Landing and it was great. We really enjoyed ourselves and will be back again……..My son and Brett’s boy had a blast with a lifetime of memories….. they also enjoyed your kids fishing contest, this kept the competitive spirits flowing. Thanks again.

Jacob Scebold in 2016 wrote
Jackie/Jody ~ thanks for another great trip up to the Outpost! We had a great time as always. I’ve attached a picture of the 47.5” musky that I caught last week. See you guys sometime in October!

Wayne Wood in 2016 wrote
Just wanted to say THANKS for a terrific time at your Lodge last week! Your entire staff made our vacation “another” memory maker! The food was amazing, service… Top notch! Room very clean and take care of! As usual I’m sure the guides get all the cudos….. Josh was fantastic with our group, especially the young guy with us…. Now he wants to be a Fishing Guide I Canada! Needless to say, the Musky that I caught (43 ½”) was THE fish of a lifetime! I think Josh was as excited as me and I was ecstatic! I caught him on a Bucktail lure that Josh had made! Please express our Thanks to Josh!Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!!!

Sean Olson in 2016 wrote
Thank you for an unbelievable vacation. My Father (Harvey) and I had the time of our lives. The food was delicious, the fishing was awesome and the accommodations were very comfortable. We hope (God willing) to be back next year. God bless and thank you again.

Tanya P. in 2016 wrote
After researching many fishing camps, I decided to purchase a fly in fishing trip for my husband's 50th birthday in January. An avid fisherman, I was looking for that special experience for him and fishing that he would remember forever. For months we looked forward to this trip and we were not disappointed! Because I booked the trip in November of 2015, I emailed Jackie many times before our arrival and my emails were always answered promptly and professionally. She was constantly available to me to answer any question or give suggestions. Jody even created a special Happy 50th Birthday poster for me to present as a gift. It was also a valued convenience that I was able to email our grocery list to Jackie a week before for our arrival and we arrived to find our groceries packed up on the dock waiting for us in the morning. We arrived at the dock already loving the beauty of the locale. The pilot of the float plane was friendly and helpful and the flight was an easy 15-20 mins from the lodge to the cabin. The scenery is breathtaking! We arrived at the cabin between 630 and 7am. On arrival, the pilot helped us unload our baggage. We were greeted by Kevin the caretaker who is knowledgeable about the area. The cabin at Kakebeka Narrows is beautiful! It is tongue and groove pine throughout with a GREAT open concept plan and updated furniture and propane appliances. We were very pleased with the modern bathroom and shower, and even the outhouses were okay. The cabin has windows all along one side and is flooded with natural light. Even on the hottest of days, the cabin seems to be situated on such an angle to catch cool night breezes and we were comfortable for each of the three nights that we were there. This was the cleanest cabin that we have ever stayed in, and that includes the fishhouse, the bbq and the propane oven/stove. The grounds were well kept with pathways trimmed. We have a Lund boat of our own, but because we flew in, we were pleased to find a 16ft Lund utility boat, very clean, gassed up and ready to go. This trip has been described to me as "the best fishing of my life" by my spouse. On our last night there in the space of 2 1/2 hrs, he caught 35 walleye while I caught 17 walleye and a beautiful jumbo perch. We stopped only when we ran out of minnows! The walleye were all eating size and larger and had it not been our last night and getting late, we definitely would have had another fish fry. No sooner had we released the caught fish from the hook and cast out again then another fish was on. It was amazing. Also during our stay, I caught a 13lb pike at the same time that he caught close to the same size muskie. Those fish were caught within the first hour on our first day! The highlight of the trip was the 16lb pike that he caught on the last day. Although we were warned ahead of time to bring lots of bug dope, we were very pleasantly surprised to find the bugs basically non-existent except for mosquitoes on the very last night. Even then, they only seemed bad down by the dock. We were fully prepared to be a feast for deerflies, horseflies and the like but in all honesty, never saw one much to our relief. We are definitely planning our trip for next year and hopefully Anderson's will become an annual trek for us.

Jason L. in 2016 wrote
We did a fly into the Pickerel Narrows outpost. Given the remote location in the wilderness the facilities are absolutely top notch. The boats are in beautiful shape and the natural surroundings ideal. The fishing is absolutely world-class! The packages are reasonably priced and there are no hidden fees. Jody and his team are excellent.

Bill Runyon in 2016 wrote
Jackie, just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the hospitality our party received at Anderson’s – we had a super good time! Best Regards

Douglas Bendorf in 2016 wrote
Good morning Jackie and Jody. Wow, what a great time had by all again. You guys do a great job. Hats off to you and your staff!

Don Dumich in 2016 wrote
I didn’t get the chance to personally thank you for being so persuasive at the All Canada show in convincing my son Mark and I to book our vacation at Anderson’s Lodge. We arrived with very high expectations and Anderson’s Lodge exceeded every one of those expectations. Cecil was very patient with us and it made for a tremendous experience. I know that the weather was beyond your control, but we felt so very fortunate to have three unbelievably beautiful days of fishing. We are seriously considering returning to Anderson’s next summer and we are trying to recruit a couple more people to join us and book a Bowrider package. …..Thanks again for an incredible vacation, and I hope to get back to you shortly on our plans for next summer.

Dan Kveen in 2016 wrote
Hats off to super guide Shawn for putting me on top of my first Canadian walleye. The walleye and bass we caught with Shawn were amazing for both their size and their fight. I’ve eaten fish all over the world but the freshly caught walleyes Shawn cooked for us over the camp fire were by far the best I have ever had. I just got back to California but I’m already looking forward to my next Anderson Lodge fishing vacation. Best regards

Jack Siebenaler in 2016 wrote
Hi Jackie and Jody Thanks again for another great trip! Here are some pictures of my 21” Smallmouth Bass…. Thanks

Richard & John Welsh in 2016 wrote
…..just a brief note to say what a great time we had at your lodge – unforgettable! Tell all hello and thanks!

Ed Sisson in 2016 wrote
Please find a picture of my 37.5 inch Northern Pike I caught last week during our stay guided by Eric……..Being a first time visitor in the Moser party and Anderson’s Lodge, I thought your lodge and our room was perfect and very well managed. Your waitresses and bartenders were very nice ….looking forward to seeing you next July.

Doug Wade in 2016 wrote
I would just like to let you know what a great time I had last week. Best fishing trip ever. You and your staff do an excellent job. I as up there last week with Brent and Derek Lowe. WE already booked our trip for next year. We are planning on bringing some more guys. Please keep me updated on what is going on. Good luck.

Bob Doyle in 2016 wrote
Hi Jackie~ as always, it was a great week at Anderson’s Lodge! Thank you for all that you guys do……..Shawn took Tom Moser and me Smallmouth Bass fishing and I won a Master Angler Release Award with a Bass of nineteen and one quarter inches. Again, thanks for a wonderful vacation. Regards,

Ron Birkey & Jakin Seabert in 2016 wrote
Jackie and Jody ~ Jakin and I had a phenomenal time at Anderson’s Lodge. Thanks to all your crew for making our fishing trip special. We’ll be back soon. Thanks again

Mike Wessling in 2016 wrote
Jackie: Thanks again for a great time at Anderson’s last week. Steve, Don and myself had a fantastic time fishing and “eating”. Steve suggested that you might want to use some of the pictures we took and suggested that I send them to you……Thanks again

Bev Hopman in 2016 wrote
Just a quick thank you for the great trip we had (again) at Anderson’s Lodge. We always have a wonderful experience and we talk about the trip all year long. Attached are several photos that we took on our visit this past June……..Thanks again and see you next year!

Rick Thiel in 2016 wrote
Thanks for the memories. I will recommend your lodge to everyone.

The Tesches in 2015 wrote
We had a very good time and everything was perfect. We will be back again for fishing and a moose hunt.

Dick Claydon in 2015 wrote
I wanted to send these pictures along to give to Alan who once again was GREAT and perfect for our group. Once again having come up to Anderson’s for close to 30 years, I am never disappointed. This year with three rookies but close high school friends was no exception! With your leadership and now full ownership since 2012 you clearly are putting your stamp on many aspects and it shows. Although the fishing was a little tough this year, the camp experience, the staff and the food superseded all.

Rod Regier in 2015 wrote
We did it right the first time! The fishing is excellent. We caught walleye, pike, bass and a musky, all on Lac Seul. Our guide Rick and the rest of the staff couldn’t be better. The food was excellent too. We had a perfect vacation.

Charles & Cheryl Milewski in 2015 wrote
We really enjoyed our vacation at your resort. It is a top operation. We will definitely plan to come again. We really appreciated everyone’s efforts. Thanks!

Jeff Whitener in 2015 wrote
We had such an amazing experience on our trip there. One we will truly never forget. I had the pleasure of catching some beauties while there in July with our guide Josh. I've attached some of the pics at your request for the magazine. Loved seeing my name in the magazine this year for one of the bigger muskies. Thanks again.

Nick Dicianni in 2015 wrote
I received your package today and the book on History of the Goldfields of NW Ontario was truly unexpected. Being a bit of a history buff, I find it fascinating that there was so much going on back in the 30's in Hudson/Lac Seul as well as Red Lake. There was some substantial building and industry back in the day, and the fact that some of that is still visible on Lac Seul is really cool. (Technical term for blowing my socks off.) Jackie, this book will make coming up to see you and Jody even more like visiting family. I truly appreciate you thinking of me, and this will become one of my treasures. I doubt this can be found at Barnes and Noble so this is doubly special. I can hardly wait to share with Tom and Rob. 74 days and counting. Put in the order for some warm weather so there is no more ice for the opening week. Can you tell we are all looking forward to getting up to SL this year? Warmest Regards.

Steve Kewley in 2015 wrote
Thanks again for your hospitality. Attached is a picture of the best of many, many, walleye caught from the beautiful Kakabeka outpost. It took me 45 years to get a 30” fish. I hope to see you next year.

The Duening Boys in 2015 wrote
Just wanted to thank you again for an amazing trip! Everything…I mean every single little thing was perfect. From the friendly staff to the incredibly clean cabin (number 1244 :)) to the great food, to the “tank” of a boat in the Bowrider, and our AWESOME guide Aaron- who worked so hard and always put us on fish, you two should be proud of the world class lodge that you run. We talked all the way home (12 hour drive) and could not find a single thing that we would change about our trip (Bowrider American Plan). Can’t wait until next year! We took over 220 pictures during our stay…hoping at least one or two of them make the 2016 brochure!! Thanks again, and very best regards.

Mark Cole in 2015 wrote
Thank you for the wonderful time we spent at your Lodge last month. The staff was great, the food was great, our cabin was great, and best of all, our guide Alan, and the fish he helped us land were great! Looking forward to a return visit sometime. Best Regards.

Bob Gates in 2015 wrote
Jackie we had a wonderful time. The kids all said it was the best family vacation ever. Thanks!

Len Dugan in 2015 wrote
We had a wonderful time with the outpost folks Kevin and Andre. They are truly good ambassadors for the lodge. Jody and Jackie it was nice to see u again. Have a great summer and now it’s time for golf.

Bob Humel, Rick Borg, Jeff Lipps & Gregg Chorbajian in 2015 wrote
Jody, Jackie, Mark, and all the folks at Anderson's Lodge! Thank you all once again for hosting our small group of buddies and making our visit better each time! You make it look so easy to put it all together, but we know it isn't. Therefore the effort must come from your heart, which makes it all that much better. And, I must tell you...... it is not just the three or four days that we spend with you that are such a pleasure...... it is actually the several weeks before-hand of anticipation, and then a month or so of fond memories (and the sharing of a few tall fish tales!) after we leave, that linger on. You folks are simply the best, and we miss you already. Have a great season and fish on!

David & Kelly Lockie in 2015 wrote
I sent some pictures and a few videos hope you got them, Kelly has a few more I will send also. We had a fantastic weekend and we will recommend you to everyone. It was a first class trip!!! Love to fly in to your outpost sometime. Tell Rick huge thanks. Thanks again.

Johnny & Bonnie Nolan in 2015 wrote
Just wanted to tell our guide Aaron thanks again for making our fishing trip the best it could be! Hope you got the pics from Sherry, they are great! Also I want to thank you for taking the time with Logan as this was his first fishing trip like this and I had some doubts about bring him but you took care of that issue you now are a Hero to a 14 year boy in south Georgia. I also want to say thanks for putting us on those nice smallmouth and I am tickled to death with the master angler smallmouth! Hope the rest of your season goes as good as ours did and if we get back that way I will request you to be our guide. Thanks again!

Frank & Amanda Jewell in 2015 wrote
We just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on our fishing trip! We truly enjoyed our first fishing trip to Canada and we are glad that we "Got it right the first time!” The customer service, food, and lodging was awesome. We even had a great time with our guide, David, as well! He did a spectacular job with everything! We can't wait until we can come back again and we're hoping to bring more people next time. Thanks again for such a great time!

Michael Rotolo in 2015 wrote
We could have not been more pleased with the ENTIRE scope of what you provide to all your guests. The room was top notch, the food was beyond excellent, and most importantly, Marc could not have been a better fit for us. He really made it the trip to remember, and should be commended. I am in the healthcare business, and I understand customer service, and you guys deliver on all fronts and I will be passing that along to all my associates who fish. Thanks again.

James Buchanan & Doug Hern in 2015 wrote
First of all, we want to thank you and your staff for the awesome hospitality last week! We all had memorable experiences. On a special note, Dave McIntyre was our guide and he did a great job. Each day he put us on stacks of walleye that filled our stomachs at lunch - Mmmm 😉. He also helped us catch a couple of trophy Northerns that we will never forget. Dave was a great match for our older boys too - they shared common interests and experiences that I’m sure increased their overall enjoyment. We had a great time. Thanks Dave!

Douglas Bendorf in 2015 wrote
Good morning Jody and Jackie. First just wanted to say a big thank you for a fun filled vacation. From the service the meals and the guide service, everything was top notch! Thanks again. I attached a picture of Rochelle’s 25” Walleye and my 39” pike for your viewing pleasure. Hope to see you both again next year.

David Woollcombe in 2015 wrote
I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Anderson’s Lodge for an absolutely first rate experience. We had an absolutely great trip. I am sure we will be back!

Tony Patanella in 2015 wrote
We had a wonderful time again ...thank you for putting us on the lake. First photo is Stan Jaroz, St Charles IL with Josh holding his patch worthy walleye. Second photo is Mark Patanella, Spring TX with his nice Northern. Have a successful season.

Vito Palombella in 2015 wrote
Hi Jody and Jackie. Thanks so much for the great time. The experience is always first class. I am attaching a couple of pictures of the great time we had. See you again soon. All my best.

John Schmid in 2015 wrote
Jackie, Jody and Aaron: I apologize for not writing sooner. But I must tell you all that my recent “Tuk” experience with my 14 year old grandson, Riley, was absolutely unforgettable. We had so much fun, lots of walleye with a stray northern or two- not to mention a few bass and perch, and best of all never-to-be forgotten memories. After our return to Wisconsin, Riley sent me a “thank you” note. In that note he wrote, among other things, “I hope to create as many good memories for my grandchildren as you have given me”. For a grandpa it does not get any better than that. Of all the years I have fished Anderson’s, 30 plus, this was without question the very best. Thank you all for helping to make this trip to Anderson’s so memorable. I am looking forward to seeing you all this September. See you all in a few weeks. Thanks again.

Tim & Norma Ferguson & Zane Hermen in 2015 wrote
Tim, Norma and Zane, all three, thank you tremendously for making our fishing trip to Canada an awesome experience. You were all that you said you were and you did everything you said you would and we were tremendously pleased with the service, accommodations and the warmth of the experience of being with such delightful staff and management. The fishing with Aaron had to be the best ever….he made so much possible for Zane by going the extra mile to take him to places where he felt he would find the best fishing. He proved to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, perceptive and a wonderful mentor for our grandson. He is truly an expert and professional in every respect!!! Our cabin was exceedingly clean and perfect. The breakfast and evening meals were outstanding and the shore lunch was a delightful and delicious experience. All the service/support staff and management met our expectations and more. We had a fabulous experience and highly recommend your lodge for anyone seeking a Canada fishing adventure. The only thing our grandson said he would change… to have gone two weeks instead of just one!!!! Thanks so much to each of you for making our trip a truly great and memorable one!!!! We hope to see and be with you again.

Matthew Lester in 2015 wrote
I wanted to send an email to thank y'all again for a great fishing trip. I will be on a diet for the next month and a half to make up for last week. Thank you again.

Dave Hunt wrote
Hello here is a pic of a 42" Pike caught from the dock at Tom's Landing last week of May. It was the best fishing of my life!! We hope to come back the same time next year.

Bob Rande in 2015 wrote
Sunday night we had the Lake Trout that we caught on Big Vermilion Lake during our trip to Anderson's Lodge in late May. I fixed them using cedar planks and they were still great tasting. In July I had our annual walleye and northern fish fry with several of our friends and family. As always it was a big hit with everyone. Please thank ALL the staff for another great trip. Looking forward to 2016. Of the dozens of pictures I took, I attached a couple that might be worthy of the brochure. Thanks.

Bob & Barb Samuelson in 2015 wrote
Good morning Jackie. We are back home, we spent a couple of days in Duluth after we left Sioux Lookout. We had a great trip and I want to thank you and the staff for a wonderful time. I will see you at the All Canada Show in January. Thanks again.

Mike & Tom Lerikos wrote
May 26th, 2014 Hi Jody and Jackie, I want to extend my sincere gratitude for the hospitality you showed myself and my father (Tom). We had a great time at Anderson’s and enjoyed some great fishing. Dad was already bragging about the fish we caught to strangers during our flight home! Regarding Marc, he is an amazing guide and I couldn’t be happier with the service he provided us. He is truly an asset to your organization and there are many lucky guests who will experience his excellent service over the months to follow. Thank you once again and we’ll be in touch for the next trip!

Jeff Port wrote
May 30th, 2014 Jody and Jackie, here are a few photos from our outstanding trip this year. The upgrades at Pickerel Narrows were incredible—all the comforts of home. See you in 2015!

Mark Solheim wrote
May 30th, 2014 Jackie and Jody, thanks for a wonderful family vacation. This was my wife and kid’s first time fishing. Our guide Cecil spoiled them!

Dean Clark wrote
May 30th, 2014 Hi guys! Thanks again for a great place to stay! I have attached some pictures for your website or wherever you choose to use them. Can’t wait to get back next year! Thanks.

Tom Starck wrote
June 2nd, 2014 Jackie and Jody, attached are a few pics from our recent fishing trip at wonderful Tom’s Cabin. Don’t ever change the name! Have a great season and thanks for all you do for us.

Geoff Gillon wrote
June 5th, 2014 Hi Jackie, I just wanted to express my appreciation for your efforts in getting me out of Pickerel Narrows during our recent fishing trip. The boat ride was wonderful, it was a very calm day and Cecil was a great driver. The new cabin at Pickerel Narrows and the fishing, was fabulous. We all caught many large fish, with more than enough of the under 18 inchers to eat. I hope you have a great year. Thank you again.

Ted Couch wrote
June 12th, 2014 Jackie, another GREAT trip. Have to applaud you on an excellent job at Pickerel Narrows. And as always your service and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Wish I still lived in Sioux Lookout. Take care.

Troy Wehking wrote
June 20th, 2014 Jody, we had a great time and look forward to coming back when our schedule allows it. Next trip it might be time to introduce you to our daughters, I think it is time for them to experience Lac Seul fishing. Thanks!

Trent LaHue wrote
June 24th, 2014 Hi Jackie and Jody, here’s a picture of the 30 inch walleye we caught on the last day in camp! Awesome four days of fishing at Anderson’s outpost!

Rick & Judy Fister wrote
July 4th, 2014 Hi Jackie & Jody, once again, our thanks for a wonderful time at your lodge. The food, the staff attitude and service could not have been better. The fishing was also up to the fantastic level of last year. Unfortunately, Judy didn’t get her Masters in any fish category so we are going to have to come back again next year. Once again, many thanks to you and your staff. Once again, many thanks to you and your staff. See you next June.

Chad Carlson wrote
July 9th, 2014 Jackie and Jody, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time my father, nephews and I had last week. Your staff is top notch and I learned so much from our guide Joe. Everything was great from the fishing to the food. I would recommend Anderson’s Lodge to anyone. Sincerely, Chad Carlson.

Pat Vallely wrote
July 14th, 2014 Jackie and Jody, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had at Anderson’s Lodge. You certainly lived up to the “Do It Right the 1st Time” and made us feel welcome and at home. You had wonderful accommodations, good food, drink, super fishing and fish of significant size. Your entire organization performed extremely well making everything easy for our group. Thanks for a special time and a memorable outing. Attached are a couple pictures that we took of Bob when he caught a 27 inch walleye on our last Saturday morning. Just an example of the kind of fish in your lakes. Please provide the picture to Bob, he was a great guide. Thanks again to you and all your staff. P.S. We saw many Inukshuks on our way home and they will always remind us of a very special place—Anderson’s Lodge!

Wayne Welsh wrote
July 17th, 2014 Jackie, just wanted to take a moment and thank you and Jody for a wonderful time. My son, cousin, aunt and I all had a great time. Our guide Allan was first class and took care of us rookies like the pro he is. I just wish our pictures turned out as great as our trip did. It was such a great time for all of us that we are still calling each other and talking about it and what our future plans are. It was so nice to have dinner at the lodge every evening where the food was great. Thank you guys so much!!

Richard J. Schulte wrote
July 24th, 2014 Jody, here is the picture I promised to send you. The trip to Anderson’s Tuktegweik Bay outpost was great as usual. This is the biggest pike I have caught up there. We also caught some very nice smallmouth. Thank you again for making our (The Oklahoma Crew) outing another great experience.

Bob Knorr wrote
July 26th, 2014 Jackie and Jody, thanks again for a great time this past week. All 8 men will talk about this for a long time. The fishing was great, and your staff are exceptional. From Pat Keating our guide, to all of your dining room and housekeeping staff, they all do a great job in making our visit one to look forward to. Your meals are above and beyond what most would expect on a fishing vacation. Keep up the good work and hope to see you next year!

Mary Van Tassel wrote
July 31st, 2014 Hi, we were guests at your lodge from July 20th to 24th this year. We had a wonderful time fishing with your guide Marc. We were asked to send pictures of the big fish our party caught and released. Thanks again for a terrific time and I hope we can return in the future.

Jim Heller wrote
August 16th, 2014 Jody, attached is a picture of one of the smallmouth bass caught that is a Master Angler qualifier…20”! Once again you and Jackie have outdone yourselves in making the best Canadian fishing experience BETTER than ever!!! The accommodations (housing, food, staff and guide service) are always top shelf. You and your staff make us feel that we are a part of the Anderson’s Lodge family. Thank you. PS Already looking forward to next year’s trip.

Debi (Key) Karschner wrote
August 10th, 2014 Jackie and Jody, just a quick note to tell you how grateful we are for such an amazing week at Anderson’s!!! This trip is always so special for me because I get to spend a week with my husband, my dad and my brother. However, last year my daughter Caroline was able to join us. She loved it so much…she returned again this year! We always catch plenty of fish, but this year we collected four Master Angler awards and patches! Truly incredible! The fish were big, beautiful and healthy. The slot limits ensure this. Anderson’s really is the true “family fishing experience.” From the main lodge, Foxy’s, the staff, the accommodations and of course…the fish!! The memories we create each and every year are memories we carry with us forever in our hearts. We laugh, joke and cheer each other on…especially when we are waiting to see what we pull in the boat! Most of all, the memories my brother and I have of our father are priceless. There is a special memory around every corner and every island. Thank you for everything you do to make this trip so special for us! Much love and many blessings.

Jerry & Gerald Erjavec wrote
August 17th, 2014 Jackie and Jody, just a short note to let you know that we enjoyed our stay as usual. You and your staff went out of your way to make sure this happened. The fishing wasn’t bad either. Looking forward to seeing you at the All Canada Show next year. Best wishes.

Cynthia Berger wrote
August 18th, 2014 Jackie and Jody, hi here is Cassandra Berger’s musky that she caught on August 1st. Cassandra is 20, from Waukon, Iowa and this is her first musky. Thanks to Adam our guide for a wonderful trip.

Rick, Kathy, Chris & Josh Houda wrote
August 19th, 2014 Jackie and Jody, this year was our 4th trip to Anderson’s Lodge. We look forward to this trip each year. Thanks to Patrick’s (our guide) skill we caught larger fish this year including one Master Walleye. Another memorable fishing trip to a 1st class lodge, thank you both. Best regards.

Devin Osborne wrote
August 19th, 2014 Jody and Jackie, once again as usual, the trip this year to Anderson’s Lodge was a great experience. The accommodations, staff and fishing was memorable. This is an experience that I always talk about to everyone and always have a great time. Thank you, and hope to see you all again soon.

Skip & Debbi Barker wrote
August 24th, 2014 Jackie and Jody, we got home without incident and thank you and the staff for another fun visit. Also if someone catches the musky I lost, I want a picture! See you next year.

Lois & Charles Freiheit wrote
August 25th, 2014 Hi Jackie and Jody, here are pictures of us with some of our catch. Not trophy, but nice. Good food and a super guide. Hope to have a return trip soon. Thanks!

Marty Hedlund wrote
August 25th, 2014 Jody and Jackie, my son E and I just wanted to say thank you for another great trip to Anderson’s. Everything was perfect as usual. The service from everyone was outstanding and especially our guide Shawn. He makes it a great trip. I’ve attached a photo of one of the many big walleyes that E caught, this one happens to be his Master Angler. There’s never a bad day at Anderson’s! We always look forward to our next trip. Thanks for making it so memorable!

Debbie & Peter Powell wrote
August 28th, 2014 Hi Jackie, Pete and I would just like to thank you for another fantastic time. Forrest was excellent and we were very fortunate to have each caught a special fish. We’re looking forward to coming up again next year, we just have to figure out when. Thanks again.

Ray Baker wrote
September 14th, 2014 Hi Jackie and Jody, just wanted to write and tell you how much our group enjoyed our trip to Anderson’s. Everything was great, your cook did a wonderful job and the food was delicious. Your restaurant staff was very engaging and ensured all of our needs were taken care of quickly and efficiently. The maid who cleaned our cabin did an impeccable job. Our guide Cecil worked extremely hard to make sure our fishing was a memorable occasion and it was. Every day we filled the boat with walleye. Even our last day when the wind got very bad, Cecil tried to get us to the top producing spot and realizing that the lake was getting too rough, he got us out of harm’s way and still put us on fish in some more sheltered areas. Last but certainly not least was your approach to customer service, you and Jody genuinely care about your customers which was quite evident and much appreciated. It is nice to know as a customer that the money we spend at your lodge is not simply taken for granted. I will be in touch with you to plan next year’s trip. Thanks for a great trip!

Joel Poloni wrote
October 2nd, 2014 Good afternoon Jackie and Jody, I wanted to send a quick note to say thanks again for your hospitality on our trip last month. We had a great time, and I know my customers REALLY enjoyed themselves. They are already talking about next year’s trip and bringing another grandson along. Your staff was awesome and Marc was a great guide. Truly a trip of a lifetime for me. Looking forward to another trip! All the best.

Lindsay Lahti wrote
July 2nd, 2014 Jackie and Jody, thank you so much for another fantastic experience at your lodge. My father and grandfather had been visiting your lodge for years until my grandfather needed to call it quits at the age of 82. He loved fishing there and I remember the joy in his voice and the happiness he felt after each trip; relived with every story he told. Fast forward to 2013; my father decided he wanted to come back and share this family experience with us. We not only have enjoyed visiting with you, but also with our awesome guides, Bob and Ryan. Our experiences at Anderson’s are those which we will cherish for a lifetime. Here are some pics from our trip I wanted to share…and I had the honor of receiving a Master Angler! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Pete & Pierce Knarr wrote
August 2nd, 2014 Jackie and Jody, thanks for your hospitality. You and your staff created the benchmark by which all our future Canadian trips will be judged. A special thanks to our guide Allan. He was absolutely terrific. Allan was absolutely committed to fishing success and enjoyment. He listened carefully to our fishing desires and developed a strategy to ensure we were consistently on the fish we were searching for: be it numbers of walleye, large walleye, pike or musky. My son caught his first and second musky too. His excitement when he caught these fish is indescribable. I also caught my personal best walleye and pike. And then there was shore lunch…the highlight of every day. Prepared to perfection. The rest of your staff was equally attentive. Please pass along our appreciation to all of them. We look forward to staying with you in the future.

Mike & Darci Moser wrote
Hi Jackie and Jody, first I must say that we had the time of our life. Mike’s parents and my brother have both said that it was one of the best times for them too. Josh did an excellent job. He was so sweet and kind with my mother in law, helping her with her fishing and also finding a spot for shore lunch where she could get in and out of the boat with ease. He wore a “smile” every day and made our trip a special family time. He probably thinks we were a bit crazy but we like to laugh at each other and at ourselves. Laughter and fishing are probably the best medicine in the world and we got plenty of both. The girls in the restaurant did an excellent job too…especially noted Brittany, Amanda and Janelle. They were very friendly and went above and beyond. The cabin was always in excellent shape when we returned from a day of fishing. Couldn’t be more pleased. Not sure about that secret weapon from Jody (just joking) but to leave Canada with 2 Master Anglers (mom’s 28 inch and Mike’s 30 inch) and the Apple Cake and Caramel recipe…I would say we did pretty well. I had so much fun that I was looking at my calendar on the drive home to book next year’s trip. Thanks again for everything.

Alex Glann wrote
June 16th, 2014 Dear Jody, thank you for a great fishing experience. The accommodations and fishing far exceeded our expectations. The professionalism of your staff was outstanding. Jackie and Kevin were very helpful in meeting our needs and requests. I would not hesitate to recommend your lodge to friend or anyone for that matter. Hopefully, we will be staying at your lodge in the near future. Thanks again.

Richard Derr wrote
August 10th, 2012 Hi Jody, every year we have memories of the trip. This has been 12 years now coming to Anderson’s Lodge. Enjoy and always look forward to the next year. Sending a picture of the walleye that I got with an ultra light rod and 6# line. That is what it’s all about. Take care, best regards to all.

John Fabello & Family wrote
July 26th, 2012 Hi Jody and Jackie! I hope you’re well, and that the season continues to be a good one for you. We had a terrific time staying with you this year (which was our first time to the lodge). Our guide Al was terrific – professional, skilled, hard-working, a great teacher and just generally a really nice guy. The service provided was excellent – extra things we needed and special requests were accommodated where possible, with a smile. The food was too good (all of us gained some extra pounds). Attached are a few photos from the trip – for what Al said was an average to slow week (due to the hot and sunny weather) we sure did well with dozens of fish each day, and some nice size. We look forward to seeing you next time, and Ben and Nathan look forward to seeing the junior angler results for 2012! Best regards.

Bob Evans wrote
Jackie & Jody - I wanted to write to say thank you. The trip this year again was a great time despite the weather. The food was incredible and the servers were the best. This was the first time we stayed at the base camp and I want to compliment you on the cabins and room service. It seems everything you do is 1st class. Forest did a great job putting us on the fish and preparing shore lunches under some pretty adverse weather conditions. We enjoyed talking to him and learning some native customs. This was the first trip I didn't have to touch a fish. By the time it was in the net he had it in the cooler or back in the water Thank him again for us! Finally, I want to express our appreciation to Anderson's for providing many life long memories and great stories. We've fished with you for 5 years and we've never been disappointed. If you ever need a referral in the Chicagoland area, just have them call me. Have a great winter... Thanks!

Dick Claydon wrote
August 31st, 2013 Jackie & Jody, never disappointed and always, always amazed at such a smooth running “machine”! Our crew with three rookies from Texas (they thought the cool weather and a little rain were a real treat) caught 75-80 walleye BEFORE lunch our second day. I thought the 42” Northern my last visit was a fish of a lifetime, but my new personal best of 42.5” and FAT topped that! Alan our guide and true gentleman served every need to a tee, which only personifies what Anderson’s is about. A bonus this year was meeting a real Anderson on your wait staff who was very proud to be the great granddaughter of the original Anderson’s! To our guide Alan, I have fished many places in my lifetime with many guided experiences—our three days with you and my 25 years coming to Anderson’s were truly the highlight! The walleye wings were an added treat! Until the next time!

Joel Waldron wrote
October 7th, 2013 Dear Jackie and Jody, On behalf of Jim, Jared and myself, I would like to thank you and all the team at Anderson’s Lodge for making our trip so very memorable. When recounting the stories of our trip to others (as we have done so many times and will continue to do) there is a long list of things that standout. Of course the fishing is #1 and Jared summed it up well when he said he caught his biggest walleye ever, his biggest pike ever and 2nd biggest bass ever all on day 1! We also have only good things to say about our guide. In Al, you not only have a genuine ambassador but he is also a good person! Tied for #2 spot are all the other things, the spotless accommodation, the shore lunches, the meals in the dining room, the staff, the 5-star service, the info packages and all the many things that you folks do that made our time with you so pleasant. On top of that the scenery was spectacular! Needless to say, we are busy planning when we can come back. We are very pleased to have followed your advice, Do It Right the First Time. Please pass our appreciation on to all.

Randy Baker wrote
September 18th, 2013 Dear Jackie and Jody, this is a note from the Baker Party from Ohio. We had a wonderful and successful fishing trip at Pickerel Narrows Outpost this past summer the first week of July. Our group landed 492 fish that week! Five of them were muskies. My daughter Beverly caught a 50 ¼” musky! We also caught several large pike and plenty of walleye. The fishing was great, and the bugs were also hungry, lol. We also saw 12 moose and 6 bears. This was our 10th trip in the past 12 years to Anderson’s Lodge and every trip has been great. The service provided is very professional and friendly. We look forward to another fishing trip at Anderson’s Lodge next year at your new camp at Pickerel Narrows. Thanks for a great vacation!

Ken & Karen Long with George Edwards & Marilyn Edwards Crocker wrote
October 24th, 2013 Greetings to all at Anderson’s Lodge, we wanted to thank you for a spectacular fishing trip this summer at Anderson’s Lodge. We celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of Ken and Karen Long in grand style with wonderful days on the water, excitement of landing numerous walleye and northern pike, delicious shore lunches, and relaxing evenings at the lodge with the full moon overhead. We truly appreciated the expertise of Jeremy as he guided us on our adventure on Lac Seul. You have provided us with memories to treasure.

Raymond Bennett wrote
October 25th, 2013 Jackie, just wanted to let you know that Jim and I could not be more pleased with our recent Moose Hunt with Anderson’s Lodge. It lived up to our expectations in every way. It started a year ago with the initial planning. You were very helpful in helping us get ready for this adventure and realistic in what to expect. As a result, you helped us develop the right attitude to enjoy our vacation. Your assistance in setting up the admin and logistics for the trip was very helpful and contributed to a hassle free trip. The cabin, boats and logistic support were better than what we expected. After hunting hard each day, the warm fire and dry cabin were greatly appreciated. After we got two moose in one day it quickly became apparent why we had a professional team to support us. Even the work was an experience and enjoyable. Hats off to your staff. From the guide, dock hand and cook, we got the impression that they wanted us to be as successful as we did. In the full week I never heard a discouraging word, even in the wee hours of the morning dealing with a wet moose. Everyone met us with a smile each day and the overall vibes were always positive. I have hunted in Germany, South Africa, Quebec and out West, and I have not experienced a more professional or positive outfitter. I took a bear with the bow with you about ten years ago and it too was a great experience. Thanks for the great time and feel free to use me as a reference.

Penny & Michael Woolford wrote
August 12th, 2013 Dear Jody & Jackie, we just returned from a great trip to your lodge. This was a mother/son graduation trip as Michael heads off to University in a few weeks. I wanted to send a special thank you and appreciation to our guide Forrest. He taught my son a ton on how to fish for Northern Pike and Walleye. Michael caught the biggest fish of his life – 41.5 inch Northern Pike. Michael said it was the highlight of his summer. Nothing can replicate the passion that Forrest has for fishing and he didn’t lose his enthusiasm for one minute over our 3 days of fishing. He also had incredible patience with my lack of knowledge in casting (I think I almost hooked him and my son one or two times) and by the end of it, I felt like I was a pro. This is a trip that we will remember for a life time and Forrest absolutely made it that way!!!His shore lunches were incredible…we had fish everyday!! Next year we hope to be back and can’t imagine having any other guide than Forrest as he made the whole experience amazing! See you next year!

The Manis' wrote
July 25th, 2013 Dear Rick, we can not begin to tell you how much we appreciated everything you did for us and to make our FIRST Canada trip an absolute success. From day one in the rain catching a Master Angler walleye to Day 3 of mom catching walleye after walleye (49 that day alone!) we were having a blast. Although our meals at the Lodge were wonderful, our shore lunches (including the walleye wings) were divine. Our goal for this trip was to enjoy time with each other and catch some nice walleye. Instead, we not only had a great time with each other, we also caught lots of awesome fishing (not just walleye either) and met you, a wonderful guide, and someone we would call friend. Thank you again for guiding us and sharing your love of fishing, sense of adventure, and comic entertainment with us. This is an adventure we will never forget and you can count on the “fish tales” to grow over the years. Hope to see you again in the future and you helping Tanya catch the “30 incher”.

Arne Teigen wrote
July 30th, 2013 Hi Jackie, it seems like the first part of June was such a long time ago. Judy and I along with Diane and Brad Pederson had a great time at your lodge this year. I am saving my coins to be able to book again. I thought these two pictures of Judy and Diane with their fish might be good enough for next year’s brochure, but I am prejudice. Hope all is going well for you and you are enjoying your season. Thank you for a wonderful experience again this summer.

Bob & Mark Winkel wrote
June 30th, 2013 To Anderson’s Staff, thank you once again for making our Canadian Fishing Experience one of the most memorable in our nineteen years of coming here. We appreciate all the little things that each of you has done.

Don Ford wrote
June 24th, 2013 Hi Jackie and Jody, just a brief note to thank you for another outstanding trip to Anderson’s this year. Each one seems to get better! Our group of 6 caught over 750 Walleye and 5 Master Angler fish in 3 different species- 3 Smallmouth Bass that were all over 19 ¼”, a Walleye that was 27 5/8”, and a 40” Northern that was caught on a Walleye that was being reeled in. Wow! You run a first class facility from the food to the housekeeping and wait staff, the guides (kudos to Patrick and Greg for finding all those fish), as well as the office personnel. We appreciated everything and we’ll be back.

Bill Moorman wrote
June 23rd, 2013 Hi Jody and Jackie, we had a wonderful trip last week at Anderson’s Lodge! The fishing was some of the best we’ve ever had in our 10+ years of coming there. It was our first time with guide Marc and he was wonderful—he knew the lakes very well, took great care of us and worked his butt always putting us on big fish. He even lent us his precious “Williams Wabler” lures that did so well with the Northern Pike. The service at the lodge was great like always and the food was incredible. I think I gained 5 lbs. in my 4 days there! Please tell everyone that we had a wonderful time and really appreciate all you did for us. We’ll be back again next year! Cheers!

Doug Shantz & The Home Hardware Crew wrote
July 8th, 2013 Jackie and Jody, thank you once again for making our annual fishing trip to Anderson’s a memorable one. The guides found all the good fishing holes and were awesome building the lunchtime fire out of wet wood and cooking those spectacular shore lunches. Your dining staff was up to the challenge of serving a group of 19 guys and the nightly dinners were delicious as always. Jody and the girls served up some very good burgers on the last day. We hear nothing but good comments from those attending. Keep up the good work and see you next year.

Roy & Rachel Downing wrote
July 31st, 2013 Jackie & Jody, we have had another great year! Thank you for your hospitality and for creating a first class Canadian fishing experience. During our 5 days we had no less than 360 fish…including Roy’s Master Angler Pike. Many thanks to the entire staff. It is truly a team effort here and we appreciate it.

Trina & Jay Moss wrote
July 22nd, 2013 Jackie & Jody, I wanted to thank all of you for a fantastic trip in July. Your place, services and staff are top notch, which can only be accomplished with great management. Of course the overall beauty of the area is all God and Mother Nature’s doing but you guys do preserve it wonderfully. I did buy a fishing shirt that has the “Anderson’s Lodge” logo and wore it proudly home and got many questions about your place. Looks like several lodges in the area didn’t do near as well fishing that week as we did! Hope to see you all again soon.

Ken Breger wrote
August 7th, 2013 Hi Jackie! Our fishing experience at your lodge last week could not have been scripted better! The skies parted for us – all 3 days – sunny and 70s. Our guide Shawn was top notch and great with the boys. The food was delicious. The cabin was perfect. But most importantly, we made fishermen out of my 12 and 11 year old sons! They loved the entire experience, including the shore lunch fish! . . . For me, fishing with my sons and father at a lodge that my Dad first took me to when I was their age – priceless! Thanks for the wonderful memories!

Nordy Garrison wrote
August 26th, 2013 Jackie & Jody, Teddy “Mooney” Abner, Shorty Langdon and Nordy Garrison all enjoyed our time with you all this year. No one joined the 50” Muskie Club, but Mooney caught a 47”, a 48” and a 49 ½” musky!

Dick Somers wrote
My First Canadian Fishing Trip I just wanted to drop you a line about my fantastic fishing trip with all of you people. I got my fish home in great shape, no problems at any of the airports, or with customs, they just inspected the car. We haven't eaten any of the fish yet, but we will soon and it will be a great meal to remember. You people have to be the best in this business around. I had a great time, the food was fantastic, the cabin was great, and the scenery is great. Johnny knows the lakes like the back of his hands and he knows how to cook too. I'm attaching three pictures of the three largest pike I caught; they all were around 35" long. I'm already trying to get a group of three other guys lined up for next year, I'm telling them all just what they are missing if they don't come up and go fishing with you people. The only thing that I was hoping to see was a moose or bear but I didn't see either one. Did see some eagles though, they are a beautiful sight. I will be calling you in the near future about next year.

Bob Evan wrote
Thanks again for a great trip. The weather was perfect and the fishing was incredible. We caught a boat load of walleyes in and above the slot. Lac Seul lived up to its name as the "walleye capital". The pike were also cooperative, plus we had a few of those elusive muskies at the end of our line. As usual your customer service is second to no one. Looking forward to next year. See you at the Chicago Show.

Bob and Marge Wysong wrote
Just a quick note to say thanks- as usual, everything was great! Carlos and the wait staff do a great job. If we could get him to cut back on the quantity, oh well. Every year we look forward to Carlos' soups and desserts. The cabins are great too, very clean and neat! July 31st, 2009 - As you may know last year fishing was good. I added up our trout. Marge caught 19 the first day, in two days I caught 33. I'm not sure if that got beat last year. We look forward to trying next spring (That's 52 Lake Trout- WOW!) The walleye officially got measured at 29 ¼". According to the Ministry of Natural Resources it was 21 years old. It was tagged at Pelican Rapids- can't get any closer than that. Well, hope you are having a good summer. ……We look forward to seeing you next spring. Best Regards

Greg Smith, Minneapolis wrote
Had a great time at Tom's Landing last week and thought you might want a picture of my 29" walleye. Biggest one I have ever caught. Also thought you might want to put it in your magazine to also show the weather can be great up there too. Thanks

Kathy Finucan wrote
Thanks very much for a wonderful fishing experience for my son. Here is a picture of Sean Finucan with his guide after catching the huge northern pike. He wore the patch for many days after he returned home and has sent this picture to all his friends. It was a great first experience in Canada for him. July 28th, 2009

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