16 Point Buck

It was the second last week of hunting in Ontario, October 2007, and I was a week away from getting out of the military and myself and a friend, Darren Trist were planning on going deer hunting on opening day (October 28/07). He had been scouting for deer at our friends parents, Ron Bartlett’s farm … Continue reading 16 Point Buck

Worm Tricks for Walleye

Using worms as bait is often scoffed at by most anglers now a days, but this tried and true bait still works to catch the lunkers. Worms are the most versatile bait in the walleye angler’s arsenal. Crawlers work in the cold water of spring and fall, and during the hottest days of summer. They catch walleye in rivers and lakes. These fish like the smell, look, and feel of a worm. Yet many anglers, weaned on television fishing shows and endless super-lure infomercials, consider live-worm fishing passe, even vaguely dirty.

Winter Walleye Movements

Simple article describes how walleye change their home-range when winter sets in as well as the fish change their eating habits. Sometimes walleye establish a smaller home-range during the winter, usually only a fraction of the size of their summer range. On smaller lakes walleye generally stay close to most traditional structures such as steep-breaking humps, deeper portions of long points and deep saddles.

Wine Poached Jackfish

INGREDIENTS: Roast Duck * 1.5-2lbs of Jack fillets * 1cup white wine * 1tbsp lemon juice * 1cup sliced mushrooms * 1cup butter * 2 egg yolks * 1cup heavy cream * 1tbsp chopped parsley * 1/2tbsp salt * 1/2tbsp pepper DIRECTIONS: 1. Poach jackfish in wine and lemon juice at low heat until tender. … Continue reading Wine Poached Jackfish

Wild Duck Casserole

INGREDIENTS: * 2 wild ducks, cleaned, skinned, and cut into serving pieces * 1/4cup flour * 1/4cup butter * 1 large onion, chopped * 1 bay leaf * 1cup sliced green pepper * 1/2tsp salt * 1/2tsp pepper DIRECTIONS: 1. Mix flour, salt and pepper and dredge the duck pieces in this mixture. 2. Melt … Continue reading Wild Duck Casserole

Whitetail Head Hunt

Trophy whitetails have a way of raising hob with even the most persevering and disciplined hunter. I guess that’s why they command our respect. “The buck appeared as a lighter shadow, barely visible on the dense brush on the far side of the food plot. He stood like a statue for a full 10 minutes, cautiously surveying the alfalfa field where several doe and an 8-pointer were already munching on the lush vegetation…”

Whitetail Bow Hunting Tips

Experts describes the type of person it takes to truly be an outstanding bow hunter, as well as what skill sets aid in the most effective hunting practices. Why are some bow hunters more successful that others? It seems that every club and archery pro shop has a core of bow hunters who regularly tag trophy bucks. They may not always get the wall hanger each year, but they pass up enough good bucks to make the average bow hunter drool with envy.

Whitefish & Cheese

INGREDIENTS: * 1lb precooked whitefish (baked, boiled, or fried) bones removed * 2tbsp butter * 3tbsp flour * 1.5cup milk * 1/2tsp salt * 1/4tsp pepper * 1tsp Worcestershire sauce * egg yolk, well beaten * 1/2cup grated cheese * 1/4cup bread crumbs DIRECTIONS: 1. Flake the cooked fish and remove all the bones. 2. … Continue reading Whitefish & Cheese

Water Clarity (Bass Fishing)

This article contains critical information regarding water clarity and how it relates to catching elusive small and largemouth bass. It is broken down into sections based on visibility and what tactics to use. In truth, water clarity can be one of the most important elements in locating small and largemouth bass, especially when you correlate it with time of season.

Walleye with Mint

INGREDIENTS: * 2-3lbs fresh pickerel fillets * 1/2tsp salt * 1/4tsp pepper * 2tbsp melted butter * 2tbsp lemon juice * 1 tbsp chopped mint DIRECTIONS: 1. Season pickerel fillets with salt and pepper. 2. Mix lemon juice, melted butter, and chopped mint. 3. Brush fillets with the marinade and broil about 6 inches from … Continue reading Walleye with Mint

Walleye Trips to Lac Seul

Michael Bilsbarrow, a Patricia Region resident, shares some common strategies and angling methods practiced and perfected on the Lac Seul reservoir. These tried and true techniques consistently land trophy fish off of this gargantuan body of water. Local knowledge is no doubt a great asset when it comes to fishing a big lake like this one and most fish camps and resorts on the lake offer guide services. On your first trip to Lac Seul you would be well advised to engage the services of one for at least a day or two.

Walleye Stir-Fry

INGREDIENTS: * No stick spray * Cube sized walleye * Water chestnuts * Soy sauce * White wine * Bag of frozen vegetables * Stir-fry sauce * Cashews or peanuts (optional) DIRECTIONS: 1. Spray the bottom of a frying pan, skillet, or electric wok with non-stick spray. 2. Combine soy sauce to taste, fish, water … Continue reading Walleye Stir-Fry

Walleye in Autumn

Writer explains just why the walleye bite can be so good in the autumn months. He also details various tips/strategies for angling and landing good sized fish in changing conditions on the lake. During the months of September, October and november; in the Upper United States and Canada, patterns develop that may land you your biggest/best walleye of the year. If you follow the progression of the season, you may catch big hog walleye up until the ice forms.

Venison Stew

INGREDIENTS * 3 pounds venison (deer meat) * 7 cups water as needed * 5 cubes beef bouillon cube * 1 onion, thinly sliced * 1/3 cup all-purpose flour * 2 tablespoons vegetable oil * 1 1/2 cups sliced carrots * 1 1/2 cups chopped celery * 1 1/2 cups potatoes, cubed * 1/2 cup … Continue reading Venison Stew

Venison Steak in Wine

INGREDIENTS: * 3lbs. venison steak * 1/4cup flour * 1/2tsp salt * 1/2tsp pepper * 1/4cup butter * 3 med. onions, sliced * 1 green pepper, sliced * 1 can mushrooms, drained * 1/2cup butter * 2cups canned tomatoes * 1/2cup red cooking wine or burgundy DIRECTIONS: 1. Trim steak & wipe with a damp … Continue reading Venison Steak in Wine

Vacation Planning Made Easy

Chip Lear, of Midwest Outdoors, give a good overview of everything there is to do and see in Canada’s heartland, the Patricia Region from the time he spent here on his trip.

Using Deer Decoys

Imagine this. You’re up in a tree stand waiting for the perfect buck to fall prey to your decoy. You woke up early, hauled your decoy through the bush, and got set up. Now you’re ready for some deer to start coming into the area. You let out a call, and wait a little bit longer. Finally, a big buck comes out of the bush towards your decoy. He grunts, and stares it down. You begin lining up your shot, waiting for the perfect moment. He hoofs at the ground, and you know this is your chance. You take the shot, and the buck is yours.


INGREDIENTS: * 3 pounds whole chicken, boned * salt and pepper to taste * Creole seasoning to taste * 1 (4 pound) duck, boned * 16 pounds turkey, boned * 3 cups prepared sausage and oyster dressing DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Lay the boned chicken skin-side down on … Continue reading Turducken

Trolling Up Moonlit ‘Eyes

Walleye really turn on at dawn and dusk. the walleye’s unique eye structure gathers light better than a squirrel-on-steroids gathers nuts, and this gives the walleye a huge advantage at low light times. It’s like walleye are wearing night-vision goggles while they are feasting on those helpless little yellow perch.

Trolling Spinnerbaits – Trophy Muskie

Trolling spinner baits allows you to quickly probe prime locations, such as weed-flats and break lines, searching for actively feeding fish to enticing neutral ones to strike. Muskie trolling spinnerbaits allow you to quickly probe prime locations, such as weed-flats and break lines, searching for actively feeding fish to enticing neutral ones to strike.