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Elsen/Dhuey group, wrote
This year Josh Dhuey joined the Elsen/Dhuey group. He fit right in and even gave his brother, Nick, a run for his money when it came to fishing! Josh caught a 38 inch northern pike! Way to go, Josh!

Happy Guest wrote
Terri Gregiore of Columbus, MO is our first female bear hunter to shoot a bear this season and the first successful female hunter in our 9 years here at Cobb Bay! A whopping 425 pound male bear! Way to go, Terri!!!! And on your first night out! What an exciting opportunity! To top their week off, she and husband Kenny spent the remainder of their week fishing, and Terri caught a 24 inch walleye! Life is good!

VanderLinden group wrote
We must have caught 50-60 walleye over 20 inches in 2 days! Wow!

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