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Russ Lahr wrote
Hi, Paul and Deb We had a great time again this year. Like every year the fishing just keeps getting better. Also just like every year the camp gets better, fish locators in all the boats, more shore spots, improvements to the cabins. We are surprised and impressed every year. Dad and I smoked lake trout yesterday. We thought it turned out pretty good. We will have it with everyone this weekend and talk about this year’s trip some more. When you get a chance, I know you are real busy this time of the year, please send me a copy of the bill so I can send in that paperwork I have to send in. Thanks . Again, just like the last 5 years, we had a wonderful time and already planning next years trip. Thanks again, Russ

Ken Lardy wrote
Hello Deb and Paul, I just wanted to say thanks for the good time we had last week at your resort. It makes for a great vacation when you have owners and staff that treat you like family. You are the first resort that we have been to in a long time that treats its guest like that. Diane had a very relaxing time and loved catching big fish when she did go out with us. She is missing her walks with Timber already. We can’t wait to come back next year. Have a great summer and tune up the BIG twin 20hp motors for me. :) Thanks Again. Ken Lardy

Dave Parsons wrote
Dear Paul, Debbie and Valerie-Ann, Thank you for what was the best Canadian fishing trip I have ever had. The accommodations were excellent and the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone was much appreciated. Besides, the Northern Pike fishing was amazing. My buddy caught his first pike on his new fly pole and proceeded to catch more, and later a beautiful 30 inch fish. He was very pleased. We both thought your help in pointing out the likely pike spots in the lakes was most helpful and certainly aided in our success. Two Whistle lake is a pike fisherman's dream. Those fish sure tore up the equipment but gave us a wonderful and memorable last day and especially since we got to fish it in our kayaks - the best way to fish pike, I am sure. Thank you again, Dave Parsons PS I sent a few more pictures of your great environment. The last one is Dick's pike on a green pike streamer fly

Paul wrote
Thanks again for a first rate week of fishing at WRC. We are thankful for the trolling motors. They worked very well. Fishing was the more consistent this year than any other despite the mixed bag of weather. The conservation efforts are definately paying off. There were days when we would catch 10 slot fish before catching an eater, but we always had more than enough 16s and 17s for fish fries. With all those slot fish out there, fishing should only improve. On the way home, we briefly tried to figure out the best day of fishing and had difficulty because they were all great. We seemed to be able to find good fish about any time we wanted. The group also appreciated your help with Lake Trout. You guys really go all out to make it a good trip and it is always appreciated.

John wrote
Just wanted to thank you for a great trip that last week in July. Fishing was great. I know between the 4 of us we caught over a 100 walleye and several hundred pike, a few perch and a smallmouth. All those fish and we did not fish hard at all. We had to slow our pace down a lot this year for my sister. We typically only spent about 4 hours fishing in the morning and 3-4 hours in the late afternoon to evening. Cookers were very helpful for frying the fish. I liked them so much I think I will buy one at Bass Pro Shops.

Al Guyant, Madison, Wi wrote
In the nine years that we have stayed at Woman River Camp, we have always had great fishing and the most wonderful treatment by the friendly camp owners, who have become our friends, too. The beautiful scenery we see on on the way there and as we travel by boat on the river and lake system just adds to the awe of the trip. I keep a photo by my desk all year long just to remind me of the good time I will have again next trip.

Don and Mary wrote
Mary and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our stay at Woman River Camp last week. In the past five years or so we have been to Ontario fishing about four times and yours is nicest camp we have stayed at. The service was great we enjoyed visiting with the other clients and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the camp. We caught more of the larger sized walleyes at Woman River than at any of the other camps. While we are not particularly good fisherpersons we still managed to catch plenty of fish. We look forward to being able to return to Woman River in the next couple of years. In the mean time we wish you the best

The Tennessean wrote
The Turner Brothers and I had another great spring trip to Woman River Camp thanks to excellent services provided by Valerie Ann, Debbie and Paul. The spring Northern Pike fishing gets better every year and defiantly worth the 3000 mile drive. The three of us caught between 130 and 160 fish with only 17 keepers. (fish UNDER 27" long) We have caught fish as long as 45"over the past seven years.The big fish for 2006 was 41"caught by the younger Turner Brother. I would recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys catching large angry Northern Pike. The Lake Trout are also abundant but we SOUTHERNERS need a few more lessons. Thinks to Gram we had Trout for the camp fish fry.

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