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Reta Davies wrote
Well, we've only been away from the lake for a week and we can't wait to get back! Your outfit was a find that couldn't be beat. You treated us so special and made our trip so wonderful. Our 25th Anniversary was made extra special with the drop-off of goodies and the card. Devlin Lake was all you said it would be and more. We spent 10 glorious days and caught over 500 fish. The look on Rick's face when he landed the first big Northern Pike was the best part for me. It was the 3rd day and Rick had 38 inches of heart-pounding Northern fight on 8 lb test and a light rod. The 30 inch and 32 inch Northerns were icing on the cake during the rest of the trip. Not to mention the 80 plus walleye that graced our boat, some of which also graced our dinner table! And to think the 500 plus were just the ones that made it into the boat!!!!! Your setup of the cabin made each day enjoyable with all the gear and household goods. When you said the place was stocked, you meant it! The boats were in excellent shape and the motors always started on the first pull. The kitchen supplies were top of the line and made fixing all of those fish dinners a breeze. We really appreciated the professionalism and the friendliness of the entire staff. So I want to especially thank April for letting me call her Alice and still giving me a big hug when we got off the airplane!! Thanks again.

Rex & Cheri Thorne wrote
Thanks for the perfect trip to NW Ontario this past September. The weather, Northern Lights, Fall tree color, and the great fishing added up to one fabulous trip. The cabin, equipment and plane flights all went or worked smoothly. Cheri caught the largest pike at 20 1/2 pounds and I lucked out at 8 1/2 pounds with the largest Walleye. We're looking forward to next September and being back up North. Thanks again for running one of the finest outpost camp operations in Canada. Wilderness Air is one of the best!

B. Hurl wrote
I just wanted to say what a great experience I had a Campfire lake. The facilities were excellent and the fishing was great. We caught well over 100 fish a day and the smallmouth fishing was fantastic. I would suggest smoke coloured tube jigs and a little crawfish scent didn't hurt. Herb was a top notch pilot and a real pleasure. Bob keep up the good work and we'll see you again next year.

Jessie Voight wrote
My Dad, Brother and myself got back from our Self Guided Moose Hunt, we hunted with longbows and recurves only. My brother and I called in a 49 2/8 " Monster Bull out of a old grown over dried up beaver pond, and both shot at the same time, standing back to back @ about 40 yards. The big bull came in grunting and swaying his head the whole way. Travis shot a 42" Bull a few days later. We saw 3 color phase bears but passed on them all. (Big sow and cub and a smaller bear). Unbelievable hunt, our first time moose hunting and we filled both bull tags withy traditional archery equipment.

Ed Labernik wrote
As in past years, our annual trip with Wilderness Air was terrific. This past trip to Wasa Lake was the best ever for me personally, the greatest walleye fishing I have ever had! I have certainly caught larger walleyes in my time but have never caught so may in the 18"- 22" range, at times almost one after another. We had more rain this time than any other but even that didn't dampen anything, the fishing was just as good as when the rain stopped. Once again, Wilderness thought of everything, from courteous employees to great pilots to immaculate aircraft to great accommodations. Thanks for the memories!

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