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Rudy Morgan Clinton, Iowa wrote
Bill Hugunin (aka "hugey") caught a 50" monster last Thursday out of Indian Point Camp on Lake Wabigoon near Dryden, Ontario. What a hog!! (the fish I mean!) It was hooked on the figure 8 at boat side while his wife Rhonda, son Eric and Eric's girlfriend watched in horror as the monster tried to pull Mr. Bill into the lake. Eric was finally able to hear "get the fish in the net"! We heard them hollering and cheering clear across the bay!!! What a week on the 'goon'!! We saw lots of other fish and Bill and I both had a 40" and 42" in the boat (I should have had 2 hogs but . . . oh well!) Lots of nice pike and plenty of eater Walleye's. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I left a chunk of a stainless prop in the lake (it's a tradition that I hit a rock when we go somewhere new, 3 years running now!!)

Jeff Metzler Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin wrote
We drove a long way to a lake called Wabigoon, they say you can catch fish a.m., p.m. or noon. There are Walleye in the lake, that's for certain, oh, by the way, Cabin #7 needs another curtain. Pros to our left and Minnesotans to our right, one looking for Walleye the other for Pike to fight. The first part of the week we fished Wabigoon, Mile and Trapp, we found fish and avoided big rocks thanks to Sherridon and his map. On Thursday we drove to a lake and a bay called Puzzle, upon our return it was too late to buy any beer to guzzle. The long, dusty road made our trucks and boats look like …….. but the fish and the scenery made the long haul worth it. Our last day was another long ride looking for trout, not one could be caught and I began to pout. Jay did catch a Muskie 42 inches at least, not sure what it weighed but it sure was a beast. The staff at the lodge was as nice as could be, they even made dinner for my three friends and me. It's now time to pack up our trucks and hit the road, a limit of Walleye and memories are part of our load. So to all the staff and the lodge that is Cindy and Hank's, the boys of Cabin #7 would like to say thanks!!!!

Rich & Lana Graser Mokena, Illinois wrote
Had a great time...have a good supply of Walleye & Bass. Had a great time especially with Hank, Cindy, Bill & Sherry. We went blueberry picking and have a lot of berries. We've been coming here many years (Rich about 30 years) and would never change camps. Thanks for a wonderful week.

The Willer Family Winnipeg, Manitoba wrote
We had fabulous weather for 7 days. Saw deer, muskrat, beaver, chipmunks (one who climbed all over you looking for seeds!), partridge, 7' bear tracks 2 miles south of camp, eagles, etc. Didn't fish, but listened to a few tall tales from those who did! Good time & very quiet.

Rudy, Patty & Jay Morgan Princeton, Iowa wrote
We caught our limit of nice Walleye and landed a 42" & 44" Muskie. We had 5 Muskie on today but just landed those 2. We also caught several nice Northern. Great day! We'll be back in 2010!

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