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Tad Oliver, Florence, KY wrote
My trip to Wine Lake was a life altering experience. Whether it was the primitive setting, the commune with nature or just the good fishing and stories, Wine Lake Camp is one vacation I would enjoy taking for the rest of my life!"

Steve Nelson, Burlington, IA wrote
I have fished many places in Northwestern Ontario since 1967. Wine Lake Camp is a little piece of heaven. It feels like staying at a camp from the good ole days. I'll be coming here again and again.

M. Delaney, Indianapolis, Indiana wrote
We knew that our kids would love it here, but my husband and I had no idea how much this trip would feed our souls. A week at Wine Lake Camp gave us time to heal from the inside out.

Jeff Walker, Granger, IN. wrote
It's amazing how one week at Wine Lake Camp can energize us for the next 51 weeks of our lives.

Mark Mace, Indianapolis, IN. wrote
You can only attribute the great trophy fishing to one thing - an ongoing catch & release policy.

Paul Stover, IA wrote
I enjoyed hiking to Little Trout Lake and catching some really nice lakers. And after 20 years of visiting Wine Lake Camp, I finally headed to Anishinabi Lake for a day. It was well worth the trip -- a definite highlight to see a 300 ft. deep crystal clear lake with cliffs.

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