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Bill & Travis wrote
The father/son 5-day package was just what Travis and I needed. Fishing is one of the few things we still have in common so the trip more than covered that off as well as provided a good way to bond with each other. We really appreciated all the help that you and your staff provide. Ghost River lodge is a must for us to visit again next year. All the best,

SHAWN "sports jacket" FINLEY wrote
Thank you once again for a great fishing trip. I still don't understand why people want to fish for bait when you have monster pike in the lake. I still have the sport jacket and plan to bring it with on our next trip to ghost river. Thanks to all of the boat hands who made our trip very easy. 74 cases would have been a long portage without there help. I will be sending you a cd with all the photos from our trip on it including the 41" monster. I will always remember mall lake and the tub we took out to fish in. But I still think my favorite thing was catching northern on 5 different lakes in one day. See you soon.

Mike, Steve, Chris and Carl Verdon wrote
The Verdon group all got home safe and sound after our great week at Ghost River Lodge. This was our fourth trip to GRL and as you know we are already signed up for next year. I have had the opportunity to visit a number of Canadian fishing lodges over the years and Ghost River rates at the top of the list! There is no match for the hospitality and helpfulness of the Kartinen family and Ghost River Lodges staff. The accommodations and equipment are top of the line. Fishing was good even though the weather was a "little damp" last week. We enjoyed our trips to Stanzhikimi, Singapore, Badshot and Bungy, but I think we caught most of our fish on Marchington this year. Pink or orange 3/8 oz jigs and minnows were the ticket again everywhere. Even though our next trip is a year away we are already starting to plan, get ready and dream about our week with you in 2008! We truly hope you all have a safe, healthy and prosperous year until we meet again. Thanks again for everything!

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