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Moose Point Lodge and Shikag Outpost Cabins Testimonials

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A Happy Guest wrote
Just a short note to thank you and your staff for our great trip of last June. I am a part of the Capozzi - Towns - Hill group. We had perhaps the finest trip I've experienced in the eight consecutive years I've fished in Ontario. This was my Son's second trip. The fish in the picture is his largest walleye. This fish was 27 1/2 inches. He lost a bigger one later in the week. What amazed me was that eleven of thirteen of our group caught walleyes this big or bigger. The largest of the week was 31 inches, almost matching the 32 inch walleye caught last year at Moose Point by our group. My hat is off to you, catch and consume is producing a phenomenal fishery! In retrospect I regret only that with so many PIG WALLEYES and acrobatic smallmouth bass that we failed to target Shikag Lake's northern pike. Anyway a hearty thank you to you and your staff for the twinkle in my eye that is certain to last until we again visit "the only place where time slows down" Moose Point Lodge.

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