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Roast Duck with Orange Sauce

INGREDIENTS: Roast Duck * 1 wild duck, dressed (4lbs) * 6 tart apples, peeled & diced * 1/2cup raisins * 2cup stable bread crumbs * 1tsp salt * 1/4tsp pepper * 1/4tsp poultry seasoning * 2tbsp softened margarine or fat Orange Sauce * 1 orange * 1cup boiling water * 1/2tsp salt * 1/2tsp lemon juice * 2tsp red jam or jelly DIRECTIONS: 1. Wipe duck inside & out with a damp cloth. 2. cover raisins with boiling water, drain, chop raisins and mix with diced apples, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, and margarine or fat. Mix well. 3. Stuff cavity of duck with dressing and sew up. 4. Wrap duck in heavy brown paper(grocery store bag) that has been oiled on the inside, leave the ends of the paper open so fat will flow into the pan. 5. Place on rack in roast pan, uncovered. Cook for 1 hour, 25 minutes. 6. Prepare sauce - peel orange, scare off skin and discard white membrane inside the orange skin. Cut orange peel into thin strips and cook in boiling water for 15 minutes. drain and discard water. break orange peel into pan and when duck is tender add drippings, salt, lemon juice, and jam or jelly. Simmer 10 minutes. Remove brown paper, pour sauce over duck and serve.

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