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We are located on the shores of beautiful and productive Wabigoon Lake in Northwestern Ontario. Wabigoon Lake is considered one of the top fishing destinations in Ontario due to the seemingly inexhaustible bounty of Trophy Walleye, Monster Muskie, Giant Northern Pike, Tasty Perch, Big Crappie and Hard Fighting Smallmouth Bass. It’s also considered the top lake in Ontario for the combination of Walleye and Muskie fishing.

At Indian Point Camp, many of our guests catch fish far larger than they ever expected and in good numbers. Walleyes reach over 10 pounds with lots of smaller good eating sizes. Muskie over 50 inches are caught by guests every year. Feisty 20-pound Northern Pike patrol the shoreline and unbelievable populations of hard-fighting Smallmouth Bass guard the rocky islands and shoals. The weeds are stuffed with Perch.

Indian Point Camp Walleye Fishing
Indian Point Camp

We are more than just a serious fishing camp; we can also be called a family resort due to all the outdoor adventure activities available for the whole family. Not only do we have activities like hiking, canoeing and swimming, there are also many local attractions such as museums, natural wonders, golf and much more.

Our cabins are clean, comfortable, fully equipped and look out over the water and in view of some spectacular sunsets, stars and sometimes Northern Lights.

In the fall we offer hunting for Black Bear, Moose and Whitetail Deer. Our Black Bear Hunting management area (BMA) is 250 square miles and produces huge bears. We have 1 adult Bull Moose tag for non-residents in WMU #8. Dryden is one of the top Whitetail Deer hunting destinations in Canada. The success of our Whitetail Deer hunts confirms that.

Ontario Deer, Moose and Black Bear Hunting

We are located in the perfect habitat for Whitetails to proliferate in great numbers and overall size. Indian Point Camp has a reputation for Bucks with massive racks. The mass of our Whitetail Bucks is why our guests keep coming back to us year after year to our Ontario Hunting Packages.

Our Whitetails, along with Moose, have created thousands of animal paths that have been used for an uncountable number of years. Knowing deer paths between areas with good grazing and areas with thick cover is key to a successful hunt. As outfitters, our business is dependent on knowing where the deer are, where they have been and where they are moving in order to give our hunting guests the best chance at harvesting a Whitetail Buck of their dreams.

For black bear hunting, our camp limit the number of hunters per season, which helps us to give your hunt a more personal touch and maximize your success rate. All baits are active weeks prior to our hunter’s arrival and we discuss in detail with each hunter the patterns and habits of each bait site.

Black Bears in our BMA are usually between 150 and 350 pounds. Sighting rates are usually 100% but most of our bear hunting guests pass on smaller bears and wait for the big old male. On occasion Black Bears over 400 pounds are harvested.

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Wabigoon Lake is considered one of the best – if not the best for combination walleye and muskie fishing in the world. Rated #1 by A.I. McClane in Fishing World magazine.

Wabigoon is and will always be a highly productive chain of 9 lakes, plus a trophy fishing lake. Indian Point Camp is located on the West end of Wabigoon Lake just off Highway 502. Wabigoon Lake is the main chain of 9 lakes including Mile, Trap, Dinorwic, Butler, Olson, Larson, Paulson and Minnehaha. The lake is 26,000 acres with a total of 56,000 acres counting the other waterways. Wabigon Lake has an average depth of 19.6 feet. Don’t let the size intimidate you, you can always get out on the lake no matter what the weather, its loaded with bays, inlets and islands that make great fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie and Smallmouth Bass. Plenty of fish to eat and excellent trophy potential.

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